Autumn brings with it some amazing weather, great holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving and the opportunity to get outside and experience the majesty of nature. New York offers some amazing opportunities to enjoy the fall weather and the beautiful changing leaves, including some amazing vineyards and wineries to help you build an incredible weekend wine tour.

If the idea of a wine tour is appealing to you and your friends, why not start planning one now? We’ve profiled a few of the best vineyards in the North Fork/East End area in New York City to help you build your best wine tour.


2114 Sound Avenue, Baiting Hollow, NY

With an original house dating all the back to 1861, your trip to Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards is sure to be just as historically stimulating as it is exceptional in its wine. Baiting Hollow offers a beautiful tasting room with different tasting levels to suit different palates, and if you visit on the weekend, you might get to enjoy some of their various live musical performances scheduled throughout the year.

Baiting Hollow is also involved in horse rescue, and any visitors to the vineyard can get information on the horse rescue project by inquiring within their offices.


150 Bergen Avenue, Mattituck, NY

Macari Vineyards was named “Winery of the Year” by the New York Wine and Food Classic of 2014. And visitors to the picturesque Long Island vineyard can certainly see why; not only does the vineyard produce amazing wine, like the notable Alexandra and their delicious Merlot Reserve, they also offer a great place to enjoy a tasting and soak up the beautiful natural atmosphere. Additionally, they host several events each month for their numerous members and visitors.


6025 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY

For nearly 20 years, Martha Clara Vineyard in Riverhead, New York has been producing some of the most dynamic and well-made wines in the area. Their vineyard rests on over 100 acres of scenic and fertile soil, and visitors to the vineyard can enjoy tastings in their tasting room year round. They also have a gorgeous rose’ garden open for special VIP tastings for groups of up to 40.


37645 Main Road, Peconic, NY

This vineyard, nearing its 30th anniversary, continues to offer wines that are produced, from vine to glass, with only the highest standards. The Pindar Family continues to put great care and energy into caring for their vines and producing a variety of wines that impress and comfort their consumers. From their tasting room to their sprawling grounds, Pindar provides visitors to their vineyard with a one-of-a-kind experience. They also offer live musical entertainment several times a month, and are open for private events should you need a venue space.


4850 Sound Avenue, Mattituck, NY

Scarola Vineyards has a rich history of family-owned excellence, in grape production, fermentation process and the variety of wines the vineyard produces. Some of the most notable wines on their list is their impressive “Capella” Chardonnay, which pairs wonderfully with fresh Long Island seafood. For red wine lovers, there’s the “Masseria” Merlot, which goes nicely with cheeses, olives, and hearty meats.


22600 Main Road, Cutchogue, NY

With a tasting room that is housed in a potato barn that was previously used a horse stable, your experience at McCall Wines’ beautiful winery in Cutchogue will have as much of the rustic history of the area as it does of the McCall’s amazing wines. Bring a small picnic, buy a bottle of wine from their store, and enjoy the gorgeous patio and picnic tables in place for patrons. A visit to the McCall vineyard is a great way to spend a weekend in the fall.

As fall wears on and your and your loved ones plan amazing adventures among the changing leaves, consider a wine tour around Long Island’s North Fork/East End area. You’ll get the outstanding services of a professional chauffeur, you’ll get to enjoy the comfort of a pristine luxury vehicle and, perhaps best of all, you’ll get to try some of the most amazing wines in the entire country, courtesy of Long Island’s impressive wine culture. What can be better this autumn?

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photo credit: Ulrich Thumult via photopin cc