Ah, wine, one of the staples of adult life, parties, get-togethers and impromptu nights out. People gather together with their wine glasses ready, eager to try a friend’s selection or to offer a friend a bottle of their own. Tasting and enjoying wine has been a social ritual for thousands of years and the popularity of wine continues to thrive into the information age. But what about those casual wine drinkers who have always wondered what exactly goes into experiencing and understanding the wines they drink? Many a curious wine drinker has found themselves puzzled over what makes a great glass of wine, from the brim to the dregs and everything in between. If you ever wondered about the process of experiencing red wines like a pro, take a gander at this informative, yet entertaining video:

Once you know a little more about what goes on with the making of wine and how it’s supposed to taste, you’ve got a whole new topic of conversation at dinner parties, client outings, and business dinners. You can impress your colleagues and potential clients with a trip to a winery, vineyard or wine bar on Long Island, with safe and reliable transportation in tow, of course. Consider booking a Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners to ferry your tour of Long Island’s best wine bars. Curious about which wine bars to visit? Check out the list of our personal favorites below.


Stonehome in Brooklyn is both an exceptional wine bar and a great restaurant, so you and your clients can have the best of both worlds.


Located in Babylon, New York, this wine bar offers an impressive selection of wines for a quick glass after work or to unwind before a big meeting.


Long Island City’s finest destination for a comfortable atmosphere and impressive selection of wines, there is also a food menu so if you hear your stomach growling, you know you’re set.

As you can see, Long Island has plenty to offer both the casual wine drinker and the absolute connoisseur.  If you’re leaning towards the winery/vineyard side of the wine life, here’s an in-depth look at some of Long Island’s absolute best destinations for client outings or romantic getaways.

photo credit: rpeschetz via photopin cc