In our busy lives, it can be hard to find time for a romantic date night with our significant other.

With the struggles of balancing children, work and sleep, there’s hardly a moment leftover to go out dancing, enjoy a great dinner or stay in a beautiful hotel together.

However, the importance of a romantic date night every once in a while can’t be measured in the scheme of our relationships; making time to reconnect with our significant others and spouses can help keep the flame alive and strengthen our bonds.

So where should you go on your romantic night out this summer? If you’re lucky enough to be near the Jersey Shore, you have a ton of options for restaurants, hotels, and sights.

In fact, planning your date night on the Jersey Shore is easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Here are our recommendations for a truly romantic date night on the Jersey Shore.


When you’re going out with your sweetheart, especially in a crowded or unfamiliar city, the last thing you want is to get stuck in traffic, get lost on your way to the restaurant, or struggle to find parking when your reservations time is nearing.

The most romantic option for your Jersey Shore date night is to book a Your Perfect Atlantic City Night Out vehicle to pick you up, handle the commute and parking, and take you home at the end of the night. Your chauffeur will take care of the driving portion of the evening so you’re free to relax in the back seat, converse with your date, and generally enjoy yourself.


The meal portion of your evening is undoubtedly among the most important, as good food and romantic atmosphere can really set the tone for the entire experience. The Jersey Shore has an impressive array of restaurants that will spur the romance and satisfy your taste buds.

Scarborough Fair provides an intimate, private experience for couples looking for romance, as each table has it’s mini-level of the restaurant to itself. The architecture is tastefully elegant and calming, and the menu boasts a variety of high-end seafood and steaks to keep you satisfied throughout the night.

For something more relaxed, yet still tasteful and calming, the Belford Bistro in Belford, New Jersey is a fantastic option for dinner. The food menu offers American standards, prepared using only the freshest and best ingredients available, while the drink menu impresses, as well, with cocktails, wines and beers to please any palate.


If you’re staying overnight on the Shore, finding the perfect romantic hotel is a huge part of your weekend’s success. The Jersey Shore has a ton of oceanfront options to keep the romance alive and provide you and your significant other with a mini-vacation.

The Port Royal Hotel in Wildwood Crest is among the best options for a relaxing and romantic oceanfront hotel. It offers balcony views of the Atlantic, expansive decks for enjoying a glass of wine in the evening or soak up some sun in the afternoon, as well as a fantastic restaurant for breakfast or lunch and numerous other perks to keep you satisfied during your stay.

For a different take on romantic lodging, consider staying at the Hewitt Wellington Hotel in Spring Lake, with its fabulous views, expansive porches, and quaint, charming atmosphere.


It’s clear that Jersey Shore has everything you need for a memorable romantic evening with your sweetheart. Book car service, make your dinner reservations and get your hotel squared away now so you can look forward to the romance and wonder of your evening on the Jersey Shore.

photo credit: joiseyshowaa via photopin cc