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Business travel, with all its careful scheduling, time crunches, and orchestration, can be a seriously stressful experience, especially for professionals who are inexperienced in the delicate balancing act of it all.

Spending a lot of time in airports, waiting in security lines, checking in at hotels, and dozing off in the backs of cabs is the lifestyle of many business travelers, and finding shortcuts or improvements on this formula can be a godsend for exhausted executives.

One of the bigger concerns for business travelers is finding reliable transportation to handle their commutes to and from conferences, seminars, meetings and business dinners once they land in their destination city. For many business travelers, the stress of renting a car, trying to hail cabs or taking public transit is simply not worth the cheaper price.

Enter the vastly more efficient practice of booking car service for all of your commutes within your business trip.

Why is car service the superior option?


When it comes to your business travel schedule, punctuality is key. And if you’re hailing cabs or relying on public transit to handle your commutes during your business trip, you’re sacrificing a portion of your power to control and execute your schedule perfectly.

Likewise, if you use a rental car to get around during your business trip, you’re likely taking on additional stress due to navigation and limited parking; additionally, renting a car and handling your commutes yourself increasing your risk of getting lost. Again, not exactly ideal when it comes to maintaining a schedule and practicing punctuality throughout your trip.

Car service is the perfect solution to both of these punctuality conundrums. Not only does car service provide executives and busy professionals with the services of a local expert chauffeur, car service allows you to shirk the responsibility (and stress) of navigating and parking in an unfamiliar city.


If you’ve ever traveled to a distant city to meet with an important client or potential client, you know how important it is to make a great impression. Unfortunately, much of the impression you make relies on the way you represent yourself and your company, from your attire to your punctuality to the vehicle you choose for entertaining the prospective client.

Cabs and rental cars simply cannot make the same pristine impression that a luxury car service vehicle can make. Booking car service communicates a desire not only to impress the client, but also a commitment to providing that client with the most efficient, comfortable and luxurious transportation possible.

When you accommodate your client with an elegant limousine or sleek sedan, you communicate a regard for their comfort, a respect for their status and a sense of decorum. This compliments not only you as an entertainer and host, but also the legitimacy of your company.


Business travel is stressful enough without the added burden of rude taxi drivers or long waits at the airport rental car station. The customer service that a legitimate, trustworthy car service company can provide becomes invaluable when compared with the usual struggles faced by business travelers in the struggle to simply get around.

Choosing a company that hires professional chauffeurs, those with customer service experience can equal an incredible decrease in stress for business travelers, as a professional chauffeur will be a local expert that can help a business traveler choose a great local restaurant for a business dinner or decide between hotels based on local reputation.

Discretion, knowledge and customer service are aspects of car service that cannot be duplicated by simply renting a car or relying on taxis.


Unlike cabs, car service is at your beck and call. Your chauffeur will have your schedule memorized and will know when to pick you and when to drop you off.

If you’ve ever tried to hail a cab on a busy city street during rush hour, especially when you’re in a hurry yourself, you know how frustrating it is to see cab after cab whiz by you, already taken.

Booking car service will ensure that you have a clean, safe, comfortable vehicle waiting to whisk you away to a meeting or business dinner with plenty of time to spare. The convenience of that kind of service simply cannot be beaten by public transit, cabs or rental cars.

As you can see, booking car service for your corporate travels has more than a few benefits. From the convenience of the service to the comfort of the vehicles, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate car service into your next business trip.

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photo credit: buckshot.jones via photopin cc