If you find yourself planning a wedding, prom, a special holiday outing or another special occasion that calls for elegant and comfortable transportation in a How Far in Advance Should I Book a Limo, you might be wondering when exactly you should start making those reservations. The importance of booking the car that you want can’t be measured when it comes time for your big night, so the sooner the better. Here is our list of the occasions when booking in advance is a serious benefit.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Limo

Prom season is a wildly popular time for parents to rent limousines (and other chauffeured transportation) for their kids. Not only does the car provide the teens with the picture perfect background to all of their photos and their arrival to the prom, but it provides parents with peace of mind knowing that a professional driver will be responsible for the transportation of their kids throughout the night.

Booking at least three months in advance is advisable in order to find the perfect prom vehicle for your child and his or her friends. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to find the car that your teen wants or not being able to book with the trustworthy company that puts your mind at ease.


Wedding season generally happens during late spring and throughout the summer months and is one of the most popular times of year for booking chauffeured transportation. The spring and summer months are the most temperate and offer couples the opportunity to construct a breath-taking outdoor ceremony without it being too cold or prone to rain. This means that if you are planning your wedding for the summer months, the sooner you book your vehicles the better. This is especially true if you’ll be needing more than one car for your wedding, as most weddings do. Find and book your vehicles at least three to four months in advance to ensure that you get the vehicles you want and the company that you know and trust.

Your Perfect Atlantic City Night Out

A special holiday outing is another occasion when booking in advance is advised, though not nearly as far in advance as one would for their wedding or for prom. Many people have dreams of a romantic holiday outing in the city, of seeing the city lights from the warm comfort of a chauffeured vehicle’s backseat or being picked up from a beautiful restaurant in a gleaming car. Booking the car you want at least two weeks before the big night is advised to ensure that no hiccups foil your plans.

Booking early to get the car you want for your big occasion is important. Never be left without the perfect car and the company you can trust; know your dates and get everything reserved with plenty of time to spare.

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