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This blog was originally published in May of 2013; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information.

82 miles. That’s the estimated distance from JFK airport to Southampton, New York. Which is the nearest airport near the Hamptons. Which is why an airport service or a limo services to take you to Hampton bays is a must.

It’s certainly too far to walk, and traveling between the two spots in NY can be a downright pain for the 54% of New York metro dwellers who don’t own a car.

Fortunately, your options are almost as varied as your imagination. For your upcoming weekend out of town or day trip, we’ve compiled virtually every way we’re aware of to get from Manhattan or Brooklyn to New York’s beautiful Hamptons:



In the best traffic, travel between NYC and the Hamptons can take upwards of 1 hour, 30 minutes. Realistically speaking, renting a NYC corporate shuttle service may not be an option for you and the Big Apple’s traffic is almost never a best-case scenario. Honestly, what could you accomplish in two hours if you’re not behind the wheel?

There’s quite a few reasons to love being chauffeured to Long Island, but being able to stay productive during the journey tops the list.

If you’re not quite in the mood to work, treat yourself to some time to sip wine with your significant other.


Many frequent commuters without a big transportation budget swear by bus service, a charter bus Long Island NY city such as Hampton Luxury Liner. While it’s among the cheapest options for getting there, you can expect your time in transit to exceed 3.5 hours if your journey overlaps with rush hour. Additionally, potential passengers need to weigh their thoughts on sharing the ride with 50+ other people.


If you’re in a hurry, or pinching pennies, MTA is hard to beat. Since the train doesn’t rely on roads, your chances of delays are much less. Additionally, some estimate it’s the single most cost-effective option available. Reserve well in advance, and keep in mind that pricing and availability can vary dramatically according to season and demand.


If your sole intent is to impress, and you’ll go to any means to avoid sitting in traffic, chartered helicopters are available on-demand.

Pricing began at around $2,850 for up to four passengers at the time of writing, and it’s essential to keep in mind you could be responsible for additional fees for the journey.

5. CAB

While virtually all New York city cab drivers have the necessary licensing to transport passengers the entire way to the Hamptons, not all are willing to commit to the trip. Hence, an affordable car service Hamptons can be difficult to find.

While the option is theoretically available on-demand, few drivers will be willing to undertake the journey during peak hours.

With both black car service and cabs, the standard of service can range from outstanding to sub-par.

It’s also extremely expensive.


Much like private helicopter rental, chartered yachts are less about the final destination, and more about how you look and feel during your journey. The trip between New York and Southampton will take around 8 hours by boat, but no one is arguing that it won’t be an experience to remember.

While little standardized information on yacht charter pricing is available, guests can expect full command of a boat to cost at least $6,000 per day, and more if services such as catering or entertainment are ordered.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of options for traveling between New York City and the Hamptons, even looking for beautiful beaches in East Hampton,  it certainly presents a healthy cross-section of options.

Your fare can range from $35 to upwards of $6,000, and the length of your journey can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours. Each option presents significant pros and cons, so it’s wise to consider whether train, limo services, or a chartered yacht will best fit your budget and timeframe.

What is your favorite way to go to the Hamptons ?

Photo Credit: Adam Moss

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