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This blog was originally published in 2015; it has since been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

If you’re a busy professional, like any New York City residents,  who endures going to the train station, or a demanding commute of train and bus routes crossing the Hudson river every morning, you know how enticing a stress-free alternative can sound. Cabs, and more recently, ride-sharing services, have been utilized by tired commuters to relieve them of the boredom and mind-numbing monotony of their morning treks into work.

Unfortunately, neither option proves to be a trustworthy or reliable long-term solution, especially for commuters heading into huge cities like NYC multiple times a week.

If you live in the Bellmores, Long Island, or any of the surrounding areas and dread your morning commuting NYC or even to Jersey City every morning, there are alternatives like a daily car service NYC, that you can depend on—namely executive car service provided by a trustworthy transportation company.

Here are 3 ways that a car service can dramatically improve your commute to NYC.


With taxis, you can’t be guaranteed a ride when you need one. There is always competition for cabs with your fellow commuters, and it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. A cab driver has no reason to choose picking you up over another passenger if the other passenger is in a more convenient location or has a more expensive trip. Battling other consumers for service is not the best way to start your morning and certainly isn’t the best answer to your commute issues.

Similarly, ridesharing services are questionable at best. Not only do the majority of rideshare companies have a casual interview process that requires little background information on potential drivers, they also have a history of producing driver-on-passenger assaults and overall bad experiences for rideshare customers.

Car service is different. A legitimate transportation company will have stringent hiring practices, requiring background checks, driver history reports, and drug tests.

Once you make your reservation with Executive Ground Transportation, you are guaranteed service with the vehicle you booked at the time that you need it; there is no competing with other customers for the service you need and far more safety nets for customer service and overall experience.


How many times have you been in an uncomfortable or dirty cab? The answer is probably most times. Cabs are not built for comfort or amenities; they are utilitarian vehicles that see thousands of passengers each day and often aren’t maintained to great standards

Car service vehicles are different.

A great car service company will take pride in its vehicles and in offering a clean, comfortable and enjoyable experience to its clients.

You don’t have to settle for a cramped vehicle that you don’t like; you can choose the vehicle that suits you best and offers the amenities you need.


When you’re driving yourself or riding in the back of a cab, there’s no opportunity to get work done. Cabs are uncomfortable and lack privacy, blocking any chance of utilizing your commute for productivity or relaxation.

Car service offers a different experience. For Executive Ground Transportation of Long Island, providing our customers with a beautiful vehicle and knowledgeable, discreet chauffeurs is just part of what we do.

When you book a reservation with Executive, you can rest assured that your commute will be peaceful, efficient, and enjoyable. You can use the time to get work done, relax, or catch up on your reading. Our chauffeurs understand the demanding nature of a professional’s life and will go above and beyond to accommodate your commute needs.

Before you endure another long commute from the Bellmores or Long Island into Manhattan, consider the ways that car service could make the trip infinitely better. We’ll be waiting to take your call.

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