For many of us, you only get one prom in a lifetime. While some are lucky enough to attend a few, the one held at your own high school just weeks before graduation is the one that you’ll probably remember most. While you likely won’t remember spilling marinara sauce on your dress at dinner or feeling just a little bit self-conscious about taking photos, you’ll certainly remember the Long Island limo service, dancing, spending time with your friends and dancing with your date. To assist you in your preparation process, we’ve outlined key steps to success before the big day:


  • Start researching trends: Using fashion magazines and web resources, identify the dress styles you’re interested in trying on before the dance. Take note of hair, jewelry and shoe trends for the season.
  • Start shopping: Depending on where you purchase your dress, you could need alterations. Due to the fact that prom and wedding season are virtually back-to-back, it can be among the busiest times of year for tailors in your area. Make a selection, and send it away to be altered into the perfect fit.
  • Book your Limo: Limo service for Prom night can be a pretty hot commodity. It’s certainly wise to book your car well in advance, to ensure you receive the vehicle of your dreams. Whether it’s a classic stretch limo or an old Hollywood vintage vehicle that you’ve been dreaming of, work with your parents to talk to local vendors and identify a company that’s the perfect provider of safe How Far in Advance Should I Book a Limo.


  • Do a Trial Run: Test out your shoes, a tentative hair style, dress and jewelry together. If you’re not satisfied with how the look pulls together, you’ve still got plenty of time to adjust the elements. If your Mother cries, you can rest assured that you’ve created the perfect look for yourself.
  • Book Your Salon Appointments: Taking time to have your hair, makeup, and nails done, and receive a pedicure can be incredibly relaxing the day of the dance. You’ve made it through high school, and definitely deserve to be pampered. Book in advance, and be sure to secure a large window between your appointment and when you depart, so you’re not facing the stress of a last-minute rush to get dressed.
  • Make Dinner Reservations: Ensure that you and your party are able to score a table at your favorite local restaurant.


  • Order Flowers: Contact a local florist to secure a boutonniere for your date, and a corsage for yourself. If your date is going to take care of getting flowers, ensure he’s placed the order and knows the color of your dress.


  • Try on Your Dress: While it’s rare, some teens are still growing towards the end of high school. Try on your dress and shoes a final time to ensure nothing has changed and you still have the perfect look for the dance.
  • Break in Your Shoes: You definitely don’t want your memories of prom to revolve around sore feet and blisters. Take a Saturday afternoon to walk around the house in your heels for the dance, to ensure they’re broken in and your feet are used to them.
  • Avoid crash dieting: You’re going to look beautiful the day of the dance. Don’t do any new or extreme diets without talking to your Physician first. Dramatically changing the way you eat can lead to exhaustion.


  • Check your camera: Ensure your camera battery is fully-charged so you can capture all the memories of the dance.
  • Pick up flowers: Pick up the flowers from your local florist, and ensure they remain chilled by placing them in your refrigerator.
  • Pack your purse: Make sure you’ve taken a charged cell phone, camera, extra lip gloss, breath mints and some cash in case of emergency.
  • Test your makeup: If you’re planning on doing either your hair or makeup yourself, do a full trial- run to make sure it goes as you’d imagined.
  • Hydrate: Even though you’re excited, there’s no excuse for skipping the water or pounding the energy drinks. Make a point of eating well, getting plenty of protein for energy and drinking enough water.


  • Do a face mask: Treat your skin to a pore-minimizing face mask as soon as you wake up. Use the time to relax and anticipate your big night!
  • Wear a button-down top: if you’re headed to a salon or doing your own makeup before you put on your dress, be sure that your shirt comes off easily so everything stays in place when you get dressed.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself the night of the dance. It marks one of your last nights as a high school student before you embark into adulthood. You’ve earned the right to dance the night away with your closest friends.

Photo Credit: by David Castillo Dominici