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Getting married is one of the most exciting and exhilarating time of your life.

You’re anticipating new beginnings, new families and an incredible wedding day full of love, fun and happiness.

Before the wedding arrives though, many, if not most of you want that one last big night out with uour friends.

  • Reminisce on good memories
  • Enjoy some incredible cocktails and maybe dance a little
  • Make some more life long memories

Your bachelor party should be everything you want it to be and more, and in a place like New York City, anything is possible.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning your bachelor party in NYC, we’ve got some tips for making it as dynamic and unforgettable as you ever dreamed.


There are tons of reasons why you should opt for a party bus instead of a limousine for your bachelor party.

For one thing, you basically get an extra space to enjoy drinks and hijinks with your bachelor party members.

A limousine is a small, enclosed space that doesn’t necessarily afford you the room and amenities you’ll need to accommodate your entire party comfortably and safely.

Additionally, with a party bus, you won’t have to leave anyone out of the festivities or split up the transportation as you bar hop throughout the night.

You can choose from a 20, 33 or 40 passenger limousine bus for your evening, and everyone will be able to travel together to each location.

This will minimize confusion when assembling everyone to move to the next destination and rounding everyone up to go home at the end of the night.


NYC has some of the most impressive bars for your bachelor party in the entire country.

One of our favorites is McSorley’s Old Ale House, a historic location on East 7thStreet in New York City that has been serving some of the finest in ale, food and atmosphere to the good people of the Big Apple since 1854.

If you want to roll your party bus out to Brooklyn for some of the finest all-inclusive fun New York’s bar scene has to offer, the Brooklyn Bowl is another fabulous bachelor party location.

Not only does the Brooklyn Bowl offer an incredible selection of drinks and food to keep you powered up throughout your night, they also offer a music venue and a bowling alley so everyone in your party has something to keep them entertained and satisfied.


If the New York City dance club scene is more of your bachelor party flavor, consider stopping in at one of these impressive hot spots.

Cameo is a fantastic spot to hear live bands, DJs and artists, and you’ll find one of the most happening dance floors in all the boroughs. Whether you want your bachelor party to have the incredible energy of a live DJ or simply want to hang at the bar and sample cocktails all night, you can have it all at Cameo.

The Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn is another New York destination for an amazing bachelor party. The specialty cocktails will help you start your night off right, while the music and energy of the room will provide you bachelor party with the special pizzazz you deserve.

Your bachelor party in New York City can have it all: a party bus, an amazing bar and the hottest dance floors in the city. Research and careful planning are all it takes to have the bachelor party you deserve.

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hoto credit: Jeremy Brooks via photopin cc