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This blog was originally published in 2012; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

Turns out, city officials want you to look towards public transportation or Brooklyn limo service as an option for upcoming Barclays Center events.

The 18,000 seat arena in Brooklyn was constructed with little concession made for parking.

Experts are predicting a serious shortage during upcoming events, and local residents are starting to panic at the thought of losing their personal street parking to ticket holders if they’re not home on time. Here are some of the latest facts on the event center parking crisis:



There are only 650 parking spots at the Barclays Center available for parking. 150 of those are continually reserved for VIP guests of the event venue.

If your event is sold-out and you haven’t qualified for a reserved spot, your chances of scoring somewhere to park on-site are approximately 1 in 36. Unless you’ve got the time to burn by arriving hours early, parking on-site just isn’t an option. Unless you can think to reserve an expensive parking spots weeks in advance, you’re probably not going to be parking at the Center or even close to it.



If your plan is to just find something in the area around the Barclays Center, be warned that it’s going to cost some serious cash.

There are a limited number of spots available in surrounding areas, but the typical fee for event parking is around $40.00. According to Sam Schwartz, a Brooklyn traffic consultant, there are about 1,400 total options available for rent within about 1/2 mile of the arena.

While there are a few more non-reserved parking spots on the street in front of residences within a mile of Barclays Center, they’re most likely not going to be an option for guests.

Schwartz states that many residents will take care to ensure their spots aren’t poached by ticket-holders, and other locals have been quoted as saying they’re planning to return from work early on event nights.



Even if you’re willing to put down some serious cash towards a spot to park, remember there’s going to be a severe shortage.

All in all, there are about 2,100 non-VIP spots up for grabs, which means about 16,000 guests of the event center on a sold-out night could end up without any options at all.

You could look towards public transportation as a way to get to the arena in time for the opening set. Brooklyn, New York and surrounding areas are home to some of the world’s best-designed mass transit systems.

But if you’re already treating yourself to seats or are hoping to grab a bite to eat before the show, consider a Barclays Center limo as a real option for your transportation.

When you go limo, there’s no need to drive around or pay for parking. You won’t be stuck personally having to deal with the surge of traffic after the event, and it’s just far more elegant than public transportation. While the main criticism of the Barclays Center to date is the severe lack of parking associated with the new structure, keep in mind that you have options.

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