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Three of the primary reasons why to use an LGA airport car service when traveling to or from New York City are safety, convenience and financial concerns. All airports worldwide have a three letter code assigned to them. LGA refers to LaGuardia, so named in honor of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Responsible for primarily domestic flights, LaGuardia is popular for those interested in driving to or from Manhattan because it is situated only 9 miles away. Located farther away, Farther away are John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and Newark International (EWR) who serve U. S and international carriers.

When flying in or out of New York City or Long Island, turning over the transport part of the trip to a seasoned and knowledgeable driver is another factor in why to use an LGA Airport Car Service. The traffic in New York is legendary for its too many cars on too little land situation. The result is a traffic standstill at all hours of the day and night. This is a primary reason why the majority of NYC dwellers do not test the traffic, other than to drive out of the city. There are no surprises fare-wise when engaging a private car and driver. There are other transportation options, however, they are subject to charge by the mile and time expended such as taxis. If caught in serious traffic, the meter keeps running and the fare increases. The LGA car services such as Executive Limousine offer predetermined rates, regardless of the traffic situation. Flat rates can bring peace of mind when budgeting for ground transport. Convenience across the board is another reason why to use an LGA Airport Car Service. Doors are opened, luggage is attended to and all arrivals or departures are executed in a timely manner. Amenities such as newspapers, magazines, water and sometimes snacks are made available as well.

“Whoever said size doesn’t matter”

In fact, size does matter when it comes to choosing a transport. There are a number of makes and models available to fully serve the needs of your or your family, friends or clients. If a single traveler, the choice is usually an executive town car or a standard size limousine. Several larger models are available to care for the special needs of multiple travelers and large groups that require more passenger and luggage space.

The ramifications of a recessed economy serve to promote seeking the best price available in all aspects of travels. One of these aspects is pre or post-flight transportation.  Discount Coupons options add to the reasons why to use Executive Limousine’s  LGA Airport Car Service There are a number of travel related companies that offer a bonus rate as a reward for repeat business.Air travel these days offers a number of frustrations, especially with the security screening process. Taking advantage of all the reasons why to use an LGA Airport Car Service when in need of ground transportation can help to make the experience more pleasant.

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