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Why Should You Get A Limo For Prom (And How Much Does It Cost)? 1

Why Should You Get A Limo For Prom (And How Much Does It Cost)?

You (or your child) are about to finish high school.

It’s mind-blowing to even consider you’ve come this far after the nights of homework, studying, and writing research paper after research paper. It’s been a challenging–albeit rewarding–time in your life. You’ve worked hard, enjoyed good times with friends along the way, and have transitioned from child to young adult in the blink of an eye.

While you have many more memories to make and much growing to do, your high school years are some of the best of your life. They’re worth celebrating and commemorating in the biggest, grandest way possible. You owe this reward to yourself after your hard work and evolution as a person.

The reward and celebration we’re talking about is your senior prom. It’s the opportunity to dress to the nines, dance the night away, and pay tribute to the past four years with your closest friends and classmates.

This magical night is one worthy of all the bells and whistles. After the journey you’ve been on and knowing the journey to come, your prom is worthy of the hype. It’s time to salute the past and look forward to the future.

So, how do you add to this special night?

Yes, you’ve bought a snazzy suit or a gorgeous dress. You’ve gotten your hair styled to perfection and probably lined up your dream date–it’s all part of going to prom. The event itself and the after-party will most definitely be memorable.

Yet, there’s still something missing. One crucial component can take a great night and make it the most incredible night of your life.

That missing ingredient is hiring a limousine service to truly put an exclamation point on this momentous occasion.

Executive limousine specialty services

Why Should You Hire A Limo Service For Prom?

We understand if you feel like a limo could seem a bit lavish for a young adult like yourself. You’re still making your way in this world and are likely used to taking the bus or driving in your reliable, no-frills automobile. There’s a strong possibility that extravagance isn’t part of your life yet.

Well, it’s time to shift your perspective.

Graduating high school is an accomplishment worthy of all the ballyhoo, boasting, and bravado that comes along with it.

You’ve worked your tail off to get this far. While many might tell you, “the real world is harder than high school,” graduating takes the focus and dedication that leads to successful adulthood. In other words, you deserve all the pats on the back about to come your way.

One of those pats on the back should come in the form of a limousine service for prom.

After all, you only ever have one prom and should make the most of it. You have so few chances in life to take center stage and have the moment be all about you. Prom is one of them.

Think about how you’ll shine on your special night, entering your prom venue after walking out the door of a Stretch SUV, Limousine, or Prom Party Bus. It’ll be like stepping onto the red carpet at the Oscars, relishing your moment in the spotlight.


Why Hire Executive Limousine For Your Prom?

Choosing Executive Limousine for your (or your teen’s) prom means you’ll have the option to arrive at the venue in whatever style best speaks to your (or their) tastes. Hire one of our prom party buses, limousines, or stretch SUVs, which all are equipped with:

● Flat screen TVs with DVDs
● Cutting-edge sound systems
● Fiber optic lights

In other words, our prom limo services aren’t merely a transportation vessel to get you from a-to-b on your special night. Instead, being inside one of our luxury automobiles is part of the celebration and bolsters the festivities.

When you hire us, we aim to add to the magic and make the night even more unforgettable. After being in the industry for so long, our prom limo services are down to a science. Every little thing our expert drivers do is focused on enhancing this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Concerned parents can take comfort in knowing we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol. In other words, you have nothing to worry about when your child is in one of our vehicles on prom night. As much as our priority is making the night magical, we also leave no stone unturned in ensuring the fun is legal and safe.


Pricing For a Prom Limousine

According to a US price calculator, hiring a limousine for the night can cost anywhere between $70 to $150 per hour. Remember that these are averages and don’t necessarily indicate the costs at Executive Limousine, which have many variables.

The costs will vary based on the type and size of vehicle hired (for instance, a limo bus will be more expensive than a standard limousine. Moreover, our prices switch depending on the night in question, demand, and the number of passengers.

One of the best strategies for affording a prom night limo is to pool money with friends and spit the costs. It’s the most price-efficient approach and ensures nobody has to dig too far into their pockets to make the most out of their special night.

For more specific details on pricing and to get an estimate, contact Executive Limousine today. We’ll offer upfront, transparent answers and help find a way to best fit your budget.

Let Executive Limousine Be Your Prom Night Chariot

You’re only going to ever have one prom, so it only makes sense to make the most of it.

It’s time to deck yourself out in your most stylish outfit, ensure that not one hair is out of place, ask out your dream date, and hire Executive Limousine to help you arrive in style.

Hiring us ensures the night will be as magical and memorable as you deserve. Reward yourself for all your hard work this past four years by contacting us today and hiring a limo for prom today!