If you have a few hours to kill during a layover in Newark but don’t want to take the train into New York City, there are plenty of places you can visit without leaving New Jersey. There’s a little bit of everything in Newark, from shopping to history to dining, and we’ve compiled a list so that you won’t find yourself bored during your layover. Pick one or several of these places for your Newark car service.


Though art seems to be the main focus on museum, there’s a little bit of everything here, from African to contemporary art and gardens to a planetarium.  Current exhibitions include Tiaras to Toerings, Asian Ornaments, Pots of Silver and Gold, and Nano: The Science of the Super Small. The museum first opened in 1909, making it a century-old institution where you can spend a few hours just soaking in knowledge as you wander through its various rooms. To take a step back into the past, visit the Ballantine House, a Victorian structure filled with old household items.


This outlet mall has plenty of stores to browse. From an Armani Exchange to the Kenneth Cole outlets, plenty of high fashions can be found here. If you’re looking for something to eat that’s not sold inside the airport, you can stop at one of the several chain restaurants that sit on the property. If you just want a snack, there are also many places to buy lighter fare. Spend an hour or two walking around, and maybe even purchase yourself a last-minute gift. Free Wi-Fi is also available in the food court if you need to check email or work for a little while.


In business since 1962, Hobby’s pickles its famous corned beef in 50-lb steel vats and serves up sandwiches so good that it’s become the talk of the town, with its name appearing in the New York Times and Star Ledger. In addition to feeding locals, it also helps feed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by sponsoring Operation Salami. This organization sends salami to American troops so that they can experience a bit of home while they’re overseas. Hobby’s knows the importance of good food, making it a must-stop for your Newark layover.


If you’d prefer to spend your time viewing contemporary artworks, Alijira is a good place to visit. This art gallery features works from lesser-known artists so that the public can see unusual and innovative art that they wouldn’t see anywhere else. The gallery once sat on the fourth floor of the building with no elevator or air conditioning. It now occupies a sleek building with floor-to-ceiling windows.


This area is well known for its delicious ethnic cuisine. From Portuguese to Brazilian to Italian, you have a range of different flavors to choose from. The star of this district, however, is the coffee. Don’t leave without stopping in at one of the coffeehouses and trying a cup. This is one place that gets everything, from your lunch to dessert to the post-meal coffee, exactly right, so it’s wise to come here with an empty stomach.


This museum holds a plethora of objects telling the story of New Jersey’s people and places. Visitors can examine a variety of curiosities, including old costumes, furniture, paintings, tools, and glass. The most current exhibitions discuss the role of the rivers surrounding the state, Newark in the 1960s, and the use of vegetable gardens throughout the world. Guided tours are available, but people wanting to explore on their own can do so after receiving a brief overview of the building.

Newark is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts, as you can see. With so much to enjoy during a layover, you’ll never again complain.

Image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/tiverylucky