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If you travel regularly, whether for business or leisure, chances are you’ve flown into or out of one of New York’s airports. Whether it’s LaGuardia, JFK or Newark Liberty International, each airport has different pros and cons and will serve different needs for you each time you travel. Narrowing down which airport you prefer could help you skip the headaches involved with travel and simplify your overall experience.

Maybe you’re planning a business trip or vacation to New York and are apprehensive about choosing the wrong airport to fly into. Have no fear; we’ve outlined the three New York area airports below so you can choose with confidence.


JFK International is your ideal New York airport if you’re looking for more international flights. Maybe your job regularly sends you overseas for business; if so, JFK probably has the flight you’re looking for at the time you need it. Perhaps location is also important to you when selecting your airport in New York. JFK will let you by-pass some of the craziness that is NYC, as it is located in a more remote area.

If you like to have food and shops at your disposal during your airport experience, JFK is a great option. With six terminals full of restaurants and quick coffee stops, your experience at JFK should never include going hungry. Additionally, they have several shops you can choose from during your time there, including several duty-frees and designer spots like Coach and Michael Kors.

One thing you will need when flying into JFK International is reliable transportation to get you into the city. Trustworthy New York car service is our first choice for transportation when flying into JFK, each and every time.


If you’re looking primarily at domestic flights out of New York, LaGuardia is your stop. Located in the city, LaGuardia is a great choice for those of you who want to fly into the city and by-pass the long trip required by flying into another airport. There are also impressive options in LaGuardia for dining and shopping to fill your time if you have a delayed flight or need to make a last-minute purchase. The airport’s four terminals hold an impressive amount of restaurants, from fine-dining to quick stops for coffee or a snack. You’ll still need efficient car service to get you to your destination in the city once you land, so having your car booked and waiting for you is always a solid idea.


Perhaps you want to skip the craziness of flying into New York altogether. Maybe your business meeting is closer to New Jersey than the Big Apple and you need an airport that can accommodate you easily. Liberty International is another great choice for New York travelers who don’t necessarily need to face the craziness of the city or a bigger airport. Liberty has plenty of options for dining and shops as well, so you won’t be left hanging if you need a great meal or a gift on the go. Each of its three terminals is full of options for both sit-down and quick dining so you can cater your airport meal experience to your own needs.

The airport is a place many of us view with mixed feelings. Perhaps the crowds, lack of food options or cleanliness of a particular airport have sent you elsewhere before. When you’re flying into New York or Newark at Liberty, you can be confident that you have airports with both international and domestic flights, convenient locations, and plenty of restaurants and shops to ensure that you have what you need throughout your experience.

photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc