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If you’re planning a wedding for this coming spring or summer, one concern you may have is the type of transportation that is most suited to your wedding’s theme. Brides-to-be are notoriously overrun with various stresses, all of which are related to getting everything they need for their perfect wedding locked down enough in advance that they aren’t scrambling at the last minute. The same is true of wedding car service.

Because wedding season begins in late spring and runs through the entire summer, finding your wedding transportation as soon as possible is the only way to ensure that you won’t be left out when your big day arrives. And a wedding truly is missing something without the timeless luxury of a limousine to pick you and your wedding party up at your hotel and drive you to your wedding venue, not to mention the legendary pictures that are taken as the bride and groom drive off into the sunset following a beautiful reception.

To help you choose your perfect 2013 wedding vehicle, we’ve showcased some of the hottest trends in wedding transportation this year.


If you want something truly unique and eye-catching, to wow both your wedding party and your wedding guests as well as create timeless photo opportunities, few cars are better suited to you than an Antique Cadillac Bridal Car.

The elegance of the lines and the classic shaping of the Antique Cadillac, coupled with the whitewall tires and the spacious interior, creates an unforgettable wedding experience for everyone who gets to take a ride in it. And you can’t forget about the show stopping pictures you can capture with such a gorgeous and lively looking vehicle. If a true unique flavor is important to you in your wedding transportation, this vehicle is your wedding-day dream.


The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith is another timeless vehicle that is sure to make your wedding party and guests’ jaws drop. Not only is the Silver Wraith a classic and beautiful vehicle, but it exemplifies the luxury and affluence that the rest of your wedding has communicated throughout the day. The perfect close to a gorgeous ceremony and reception is to drive off into the sunset in a car that symbolizes the zenith of luxury. And you won’t want to wait to see the wedding photos when you’ve booked this car, either.


If you want to have room for your wedding party in your transportation or simply prefer a bit more room for yourself and your new spouse, consider booking a luxury stretch vehicle like the Cadillac DTS. With room for up to 10 adult passengers and all of the amenities you could need on such a stressful (but joyous) occasion as your wedding, you’ll be more than satisfied with your selection when the reception lights have been turned off and you’re on your way to the airport.


If having a ton of room, for either your wedding party and family or just you and your spouse, is important to you in your wedding transportation, consider booking one of Cadillac’s absolute behemoth stretch Escalades which can hold up to 20 adult passengers. Having enough room for your wedding party is a recipe for fun, and being able to take pictures of your group before or after the wedding in your limousine is a surefire way to get some great candid shots to remember your big day. After all, your family and friends are celebrating your nuptials almost as hard as you are, so including them in the big moments is one way to create timeless memories.

Whichever vehicle you choose for your wedding day, remember: trends aren’t really all that important. What is important is selecting the vehicle that meets your needs and adds to the feeling of your wedding, whatever those needs and feelings are. If you choose the vehicle you really want, you’ll be far happier with your wedding memories in the long run.