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If you’re like most professionals, your work life is a delicate balance of tasks, time management and unexpected twists and turns.

Being prepared for the unexpected, collaborating effectively and staying productive are among the most important parts of any professional’s work life; however, productivity can be among the biggest challenges in the day to day, as we often find ourselves zoning out, exhausted and reeling from lack of focus.

If you’re one of those people who has trouble maintaining productivity at work, it’s always valuable to find little tips and tricks to help keep you on the right track. Here are a few ways to up your productivity at work in a minimum amount of time (30 seconds, in fact).


It’s been proven that taking a break from the grindstone while you’re at the office is a highly effective way to jumpstart your productivity. Not only does a short break give you the opportunity to rest your eyes and your brain, it allows you to step back from the task at hand, refocus your energies and decompress.

A 30-second breather from staring at the computer screen or boardroom projector could do mountains of good for your productivity levels by allowing you a short reprieve from the grind and giving your mind a much-needed breather.


Taking a few minutes to meditate during the workday is also wildly successful at helping up productivity levels. Especially if you’re functioning under an umbrella of stress, meditation is a great way to relieve your anxiety, get you to a calm and collected state, and help you focus more efficiently on your task at hand.

There are a few helpful mobile apps to make meditation at work easy and quick. One of our favorites is Omvana, an easy-to-use meditation that offers guided meditation in stints as short as five minutes. The apps can also help you enjoy a quick nap on your break if your mental clarity is really suffering.


One of the easiest ways to up your productivity in a short amount of time is to make a plan for your day as soon as you get to work. Sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm through all of your most important tasks for the day, ranking them in order of importance. If you really need to micromanage your time, write down estimates for how long you think each task should take, and break down how long you should spend on each task within the task.

When you can visualize your goals for your day, and have a numbered list of things you know you need to get done, it’s much easier to stay on track and come back around to the important things throughout your day.


When you’re stuck in a rut on a project, don’t spin your wheels. Ask your co-workers for their input. A quick look-over of your work by another pair of eyes could reveal a number of important things you might not have thought of. Your co-worker, in fact, could have the final idea you need to tie the entire project together. Utilize your co-workers’ minds, let them help you, and be willing to help them. An office that works in unison will be far more productive and create far better work than one with employees who keep to themselves and work exclusively alone.

When it comes to productivity at work, you’ll need to stay on your A game. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and most of us need a legitimate plan in place to maintain an impressive level of productivity in the day to day work world. With helpful tips and good planning in place, your productivity can increase in no time.

photo credit: blythe_d via photopin cc