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New York City is a date night’s dream: from the beautiful cityscapes to the array of nightlife options to the sheer number of diverse restaurants to choose from, the city that never sleeps is also the city that never disappoints. Building a perfect date night out in New York City doesn’t a whole lot; a New York limousine to get you to your dinner stop and a vague idea of what you’d like to do afterward is really all you need.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Booking your limousine in plenty of advance time and getting reservations are probably the best place to start. However, it’s hard to make reservations at a restaurant if you don’t know which one you’d like. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most sinful New York City restaurants, the ones with dishes so amazing, people often spend their whole night sampling the menu.


For award-winning Spanish cuisine in an ultra-hip atmosphere, Tertulia is the perfect stop on your night out. The menu has all of the mouth-watering staples you would expect, including a variety of tapas, small plates to share, and family-sized portions of traditional Spanish dishes like paella del huerto. Their impressive wine list is also a plus, with a variety of reds, whites, blushes and

Dinner Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 5:30 pm-11 pm

Friday-Saturday: 5:30-Midnight

359 6th Avenue, New York, New York


If amazing, specialty seafood recipes sound like the perfect dinner to you and yours, Le Bernardin is among New York’s finest. The restaurant has been a staple in the area for nearly 30 years and has received numerous awards and accolades during that time, including Michelin stars and sterling reviews in nearly all of New York’s major publications. Their wine list has also garnered plenty of attention from prestigious culinary figures in the New York area. You can order the dramatic prix-fixe menu, which is a 4-course marathon of seafood and other samplings from the menu, and finish off with one of their many desserts.

Dinner Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 5:15 pm-10:30pm

Friday-Saturday: 5:15 pm-11:00 pm

155 West 51st Street, New York, New York


If you and your date are looking for the traditional New York style pizza that is famous the world over, Keste is among the best you can get. Although they specialize in pizza, their menu is chock full of traditional Italian fare like pastas, antipasto and salads. Of course, they serve a variety of specialty pizzas, as well, including the traditional favorites like Mozzarella and Prosciutto, the ever-popular Margherita pizza, and more complex selections like their Pizza del Papa which features smoked buffalo mozzarella, red and yellow peppers and butternut squash cream.

Dinner Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 5 pm-11 pm

Friday-Saturday: 12 pm-11:30 pm

Sunday: 12 pm-10:30 pm

271 Bleeker Street, New York, New York


If your food plans are leaning more towards the sweet side, New York City has you covered there, too. The Chikalicious Dessert is one of the best sweet stops you’ll find, with a menu that offers such delectable items as a Fromage Blanc Island cheesecake, a brown-sugar panna cotta with grapefruit sorbet, and hot caramel custard soup. You can even order a prix-fixe menu with a variety dessert samplings, petit fours and a wine. Even if you’re stuffed from dinner, you can order a dessert to split and enjoy the atmosphere of New York City.


Monday-Friday: 10 pm- Midnight

Saturday: Noon-Midnight

Sunday: Noon-11 pm

203 East 10th Street, New York, New York

Finding the perfect restaurant for your night out in NYC should be a cinch, especially if you have a list of the best restaurants or a local-expert chauffeur driving you around all night. Wherever you end up dining for the evening, the magic of New York City is sure to make your date night one to remember.

image credit: vichaya kiatying anguslee/freedigitalphotos.net