The world of business travel is rarely streamlined; between juggling airport commutes, flights, delays, unreliable rental cars and the general confusion of trying to navigate a foreign city, you have a cocktail for frustrations galore. Fortunately, many constant business travelers find ways to make their travel experience bearable. From flight-booking and finding a great hotel to choosing the right Cut Stress during Executive Travel, true road warriors have tons of tricks up their sleeve for streamlining business travel. Here are a few of the best travel hacks for those executive travelers who are struggling through the mire.


One thing many business travelers don’t anticipate is the difficulty involved with getting a restful, good night’s sleep. Packing the essentials for a quality sleep will help you stay productive, alert and rested throughout your business trip. The main roadblock for many busy executives when it comes to packing sleeping essentials is being unfamiliar with their own sleep habits.

Pay attention to the conditions under which you sleep most restfully. Do you need total silence to drift off? Does any amount of light disrupt your sleep? Do you prefer calming white noise or nature sounds to lull you? Paying attention to your sleep habits can help you pack what you need to sleep like a king throughout your business trip. You’ll find yourself far more alert, focused and happy throughout your time away. Consider ear plugs, sleep masks and white noise apps on your phone to help you accomplish your most ideal sleeping environment.


When it comes to packing effectively, business travelers can benefit greatly. Finding ways to minimize the amount of luggage you bring with you on your business trip can mean zooming through security, not having to wrestle with an overhead bin and generally being able to maneuver your way through the airport far more quickly.

The first step to packing better for business travel is to bring only a carry-on bag with you on your trip. Not only will this allow you to by-pass the time-consuming process of checking a bag, it will also ensure that your luggage is streamlined, light and easy to carry.

Pack your carry-on smartly. Mix and match your outfits, and bring a diverse pair of shoes that can be used for both business and casual settings. Making sure that each item you bring can serve several purposes is an easy way to keep your carry-on light and your security experiences quick.


Bringing your own non-perishable snacks is a great way to stay fueled without risking the time and money it takes to acquire snacks at the airport. Not only is airport food expensive, it can also be high in fat, loaded with sodium and low in nutrients that you need to stay energized, positive and focused. Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, and other easy-to-pack snacks will give you the energy boost you need without forcing you to wait in line at an airport restaurant before your flight. Get more of your business trip free time back; spend your before-flight moments catching up on your reading or getting some shut-eye. When you don’t have to venture off into the airport for food, the sky is really your limit.

Business travel is tough, but you can beat the frustrations with the right advice and preparations. From staying away from long lines to minimizing your luggage, your business travel experience should be as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. We hope you can put these tips to good use in your future business trips.

photo credit: markyharky via photopin cc