A thing that many executives find difficult is to combat the exhaustion and discomfort of executive travel well enough to keep their productivity high. One of the main stresses on executive travelers figuring out a way to stay productive even when they have flight delays, long hours and unsatisfactory lodging and transportation.

Keeping productivity high during your executive travel experience is important for a variety of reasons. Keeping a few tricks up your sleeve to kick your productivity into high gear when you’re in the throes of a demanding business travel schedule. We’ve compiled a list of ways to keep productivity high while you travel for business.



Bringing too large a suitcase or too many pieces of luggage on your business trip are surprisingly effective ways to hinder your own productivity. Why? If you bring too large a bag, you’ll have to check it at the airport. That means a stop at an extra counter before going through security and an extra stop at baggage claim when your plane lands. All of this cumbersome, time-consuming effort does nothing but put dents in the slim amount of extra time you’re allotted during your business trip.

Remedy the checked bag fiasco by changing the way you pack. Pay close attention to the clothes that you’re bringing with you. Avoid bringing pieces that can’t be easily worn with a variety of neutrals. Whether it’s shirts with patterns, pants with pinstripes or skirts with loud colors. Being able to mix and match the pieces of clothing that you bring with you is vital to reducing the amount of clothing you bring along on your trip.

Skipping the bag check and thus baggage claim can shave important minutes off of your time in the airport and get you towards your hotel, big meeting or client dinner at a much faster rate.



Opting to drive yourself during a business trip is simply not the most productivity-inducing choice. Especially if you’re in a foreign city, you’ll probably end up spending a good portion of your time trying to navigate and another good portion of your time trying to find parking.

Opting for Cut Stress during Executive Travel will allow you to use your commutes to your own advantage. That means extra minutes to get work done, answer emails or a take a much-needed nap.



Many executive travelers know the horrors of being booked in a bad hotel. Whether it’s noisy neighbors, being put in a room by the elevators or ice machines, or simply not having the amenities you need to stay productive, a bad hotel room can put the brakes on your productivity for the duration of your trip.

To ensure that you get the most satisfactory hotel room for your needs, it’s important to do extensive research and make calls beforehand to confirm that you’ll be able to get the room you need. Being polite and understanding to the front desk clerk never hurts your chances of getting the room you need.

Executive travel, even with all of its demands, can be conducive to productivity if you know the right ways to avoid cumbersome airport experiences and streamline your transportation during your time in a new city. Of course, these tips make up only a portion of the ways you can increase productivity during your next business trip, but they are a great place to start.

Image Credit: Miles