When it comes to corporate travel, the majority of us are trying to find ways to minimize stress, streamline our schedules and keep everything humming agreeably and efficiently. Unfortunately, once our executive trips begin, we often find ourselves contending with a few unfortunate invariables, from late cabs to late planes to the general chaotic atmosphere of the airports through which we pass.

It’s no secret that executive travel can be among the most stressful events in a professional’s life, and preparing for a trip can leave us planning each detail for weeks on end beforehand. Still, once you board your flight, so many things can go wrong. Perhaps you’re seated beside someone who impedes your vital productivity, the food makes you ill or you can’t get the rest you need in the small airplane seats.

If these issues sound like your own, perhaps it’s time to look into the use of a private jet. Here are four unique benefits of going the private jet route in your corporate travels.


If part of your job during your business trip is entertaining clients, there’s no better way to do so than with a private jet. Especially if you’re meeting your clients for the first time, the prestige and status communicated by a private jet will leave a memorable mark on a potential client’s idea of you and the company you represent. If you want to entertain your client on the private jet, the sterling impression only intensifies. You remove the hassles of ordinary travel from their plate and provide them with a truly unique experience as they get to know you and the benefits offered to them through a business partnership.


Business is a quick-fire, demanding world, one in which you must often travel between several cities over a short period of time. Meeting those multiple-city demands is next-to-impossible with commercial flights and if you do accomplish a multi-city tour, you’re exhausted, delirious and barely functional. It is far from the ideal, believe us, we know.

Booking a private jet will allow you to cover more ground during each business trip, traveling easily and enjoyably from destination to destination without the hassle of airport terminals, pushy fellow travelers or the confusion of a foreign city to slow you down.


If you travel for business on a regular basis, you know how often you have an entire agenda of work to get done before you even land in your destination city. Unfortunately, airplanes and airport terminals are among the worst places for productivity; they’re teeming with distraction, loud noises and discomforts. The demands of your business travel task list often take a back seat to simply contending with the natural elements of the air travel world.

A private jet removes those issues and allows you the privacy, comfort and solitude to really dive into your assignments and get things done. When you’re working with a tight schedule, the atmosphere of a private jet is invaluable when it comes to helping you cope with your workload.

However you feel about your corporate travel experience, it cannot be denied that a private jet would make the life of the traveling executive easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. When you think about the demands each of your business trips presents, wouldn’t those demands be less glaring if you had a private jet at your disposal?