During a regular business day in the streets of New York City, you will always find a food truck. They’ve become a popular option for the workers of the city, saving them time on their lunch break by being right in front of their place of business. While the thought of food made in the back of a truck might not sound appealing at first, they can surprise you with their tasty goodness. It doesn’t matter what you might be craving, there are options that span the entire globe in terms of international cuisine. Don’t worry, though. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, there are still good old American flavors that are just as impressive. These food trucks in New York City are the ones that will change your mind on the phenomenal food they have to offer, even if they are served out of the back of a truck.


Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? If you said no, then you have to be lying. While everyone might think they make the best grilled cheese out there, the Morris Truck has it down to a science. They don’t settle for just plain old white bread and floppy American cheese. Oh no, the cooks in the Morris Truck offer up such gourmet cheese options like NY State Cheddar and Gouda. As if that doesn’t sound heavenly enough, they also give you an option for dessert; Sweet Mascarpone.


Maybe you’ve found yourself craving Greek. This standout food truck has experienced such popularity that they’ve even settled into an actual store. Even though they’ve planted their roots in the Lower East Side, they still offer some of the best Greek food on wheels. Be sure to try their SGR Pita Souvlaki which they consider a specialty. You can load it down with pork, chicken, or bifteki and top it off with tomato and red onions.


You don’t have to be a resident of Philadelphia to be able to enjoy an authentic Philly Steak & Cheese. If you’re in the mood for one of the best steak sandwiches the city has to offer, give Phil’s Steaks a chance. They have a Shroom Steak which is a tasty spin on the traditional Philly Steak sandwich. They give you the ability to have yours made “wit’ or witout” fried onions, too.


Offering up some of the best Korean barbeque the city has to offer, Korilla BBQ serves up a modern spin on classic Korean recipes. They have choices for both the meat eaters of the world as well as vegetarians, so there is something here for everyone. If you happen to be one of the many carnivores stopping by this food truck, be sure to try their Pokinator; a taco filled with pulled pork, bacon kimchi fried rice, kimchi slaw and topped off with their BBQ sauce and shredded jack cheese.


This food truck offers some of the best in Salvadoran cuisine. They consider their specialty the pupusa, which is a tortilla made out of corn flour. It is then stuffed to the brim with anything from pork or shrimp to beans and cheese. The word on the street is that if you are only getting one, to make it the pork. However, since this food truck was actually winner of best food truck at the Vendy Awards, you can be sure no matter what you choose will be delicious.


Be prepared to stuff yourself to the gills if you choose this California-style Mexican food truck. They bring it with massive burritos and tacos that will delight your taste buds and satisfy even the most ravenous of appetites. Their signature chipotle sauce has even been affectionately called “crack sauce. Filled to the brim with refried or pinto beans and cheese, if you are even able to finish the whole thing you may find yourself passed out at your desk from a food coma.


Have you ever wondered what Korean food would taste like when fused with the Mexican world of tacos? Well, look no further. The Kimchi Taco truck has just what you’ve been looking for. Be sure to try the grilled Korean BBQ short ribs taco with its mouthwatering beef and red cabbage and pear kimchi slaw wrapped in a soft corn tortilla.


You can get some of the tastiest pork dumplings the city has to offer without having to step foot in a restaurant. They also have a delicious vegetarian option with the edamame dumplings with lemon-sansho dip. Also, don’t worry if you happen to leave more of your lunch on your shirt than in your stomach, they even sell t-shirts!


Ok, enough with the entrees, let’s move on to dessert! Who doesn’t like finishing off a tasty meal with a cool treat of ice cream? However, this isn’t just your regular every day vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Using high quality ingredients like cane sugar and hormone- and antibiotic free milk, this ice cream is on a whole different level. Don’t just settle on the everyday flavor options like Mint Chip, take a risk and dive into Currants and Cream or Sweet Sticky Black Rice.


If all you are looking for is a refreshing drink on a hot work day, look no further. Dive in to classic frozen lemonade that has long been a tradition in Rhode Island but has finally found a home on the streets of NYC. They also offer up frozen watermelon, so be sure to check them out when the temperature rises this summer!

No matter what you and your taste buds are craving, there is a food truck out there to meet your needs. Make it a point to try them all so you can make your own determination on which ones are the best!

image used under creative commons: garysoup/flickr