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Business travel demands a lot from its constituents. From carefully managed schedules to adequate sleep to enough downtime to balance out the craziness, the art of business travel requires a lot of attention and even more careful planning.

There are certain improvements to business travel that have become invaluable to the success of the trip, like Cut Stress during Executive Travel for commutes and PreCheck to ensure that getting through security at the airport is quick and easy. Another addition to business travel, and indeed, business in general, is the variety of tech devices, especially portable ones, that help you stay connected and productive throughout your journey. Here are the four best tech devices for hardworking business travelers.


Before the almighty tablet was unveiled, business travelers had to resign themselves to carrying heavy, often bulky laptops with them on each and every trip. The added weight of a laptop, coupled with the amount of space it takes up in your one carry on, make the tablet a godsend for business travelers who rely on technology to stay on top of their workload.

Choosing the tablet that best suits your needs is easy if you know where to start. Whether it’s an iPad, lightweight with all of the capabilities you’ll need to work easily and efficiently, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, with its gorgeous display and slick design that is easy to transport, a tablet is the modern business traveler’s godsend.


The smartphone is invaluable when it comes to the everyday maintenance of your business life, from answering calls from clients to keeping up with your email. But when it comes to business travel, the smartphone holds an even more important spot, as it allows you to do so many things with a single device, all while fitting securely in your pocket.

Space saving during your business travels will make the overall experience easier on you, and the smartphone is the tech device to make that happen.


Whether you realize it or not, using your flight and car service commutes wisely doesn’t have to entail staying on your laptop or tablet throughout the journey and ticking off tasks one by one. Being productive can also entail staying up-to-date on recent developments in your field, reading articles by industry experts and diving into the great literature that will keep you in tune with the demands of your job.

Finding a great eReader for your business travels will provide you with tons of literature at the click of a button, and plenty of opportunities to use your quiet moments productively and enjoyably.

Deciding which tech gadgets are most helpful for you in your business travel life doesn’t have to be difficult. Know your own habits, how you like to spend your flight time and drive times, and purchase gadgets that help you utilize those times to your own benefit. Business travel doesn’t have to be a struggle with the technology and the devices available to you in 2014; find your best device and watch how it transforms your business travel experience.

photo credit: Refracted Moments™ via photopin cc