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Whatever the occasion of our date nights, we want to show our significant others that we’ve put in effort, that we care, and that we want them to have a wonderful time. When it comes to planning your own special date night, whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or to simply show you care, you want to have a few key elements in place before the big night arrives.

If you’re planning your date night in Atlantic City, you know you have tons of options for dining, entertainment and transportation, but choosing the one that best suits your date night’s needs can be a challenge. To help you begin the planning process on your Atlantic City date night, we’ve compiled a list of awesome ideas that will keep the fun rolling all night long.


Nothing says special like leaving the driving for the evening to a professional. You won’t have to worry over navigation or parking, and you can spend your commute conversing with and enjoying the company of your significant other rather than stressing over getting to your reservations in time.

Your Perfect Atlantic City Night Out will up the romance on your date night and ensure that you and your date enjoy the wine, champagne or other spirits knowing that you have a safe way home when the night comes to an end.


Choosing an amazing restaurant is a tough choice in Atlantic City simply because you have so many options for nearly any palate.

One of our favorite date night restaurants in AC is the Ram’s Head Inn, a quaint and historic restaurant considered by many to be the ultimate date night restaurant in Atlantic City. With history dating back over 40 years and a menu that continues to impress and delight with its variety, the Ram’s Head Inn is a top contender for any Atlantic City date night agenda.

FIN, a raw bar and kitchen in Montclair, New Jersey is another fantastic option for your date night, especially if you or your date are seafood lovers looking for some of the freshest marine cuisines in the area. FIN is the brainchild of local New Jersey restaurateurs who wanted to combine top-notch local ingredients and produce with sustainability and environmentally-conscious business practices. The seafood is incredible and fresh, and the atmosphere is perfect for romantic date nights, no matter the occasion.

Fornelleto, tucked cozily into the Borgata Hotel and Casino, is easily one of the most picturesque romantic destinations for your date night in Atlantic City, with its traditional Italian menu and intimate atmosphere. Wine, appetizers and delicious food will get your date night off to a solid start, no matter what your plans are for afterwards.

If you’re looking for an incredible bar for your date night festivities, few compare to the Pic-a-Lilli Inn, which has over 80 years of history as a premier bar around Atlantic City. From the long list of drinks to the above-average food on the bar menu, you’ll enjoy your night out at the Pic-A-Lilli and get to experience some New Jersey history while you’re at it.

Date nights should be full of wonder, romance, and fun. With a city like Atlantic City at the heart of your next date night, you have tons of options for making memories and going home happy. With car service and the perfect restaurant booked for your evening, you can focus on enjoying your significant other’s company and soaking up the electric atmosphere of the city.

photo credit: Create more, consume less via photopin