A great weekend in the city might include a lot of different activities, from heading out to the park with a blanket and a good book to seeing an art exhibit or the latest Broadway show. Whatever your idea of a perfect weekend is, we’re pretty sure an amazing breakfast or brunch fits in their somewhere. Who doesn’t love to wake up at a leisurely 9 or 10 am and head out for a much-needed spread of amazing breakfast foods cooked to perfection by the chefs who are as passionate about brunch as you are?

New York City has plenty to offer the breakfast love, including an impressive array of pancake houses for those of you who are looking for a sweeter take on the most important meal of the day. Your leisurely weekend morning should start with a chauffeured car waiting to pick you up right outside your door. Once inside your vehicle, you can direct your chauffeur to one of these locations for amazing pancakes in the Big Apple.

Plein Sud

A French brasserie located in beautiful Tribeca within the Smyth Hotel, Plein Sud’s breakfast and brunch menus are highly with impressive, with mainstays like eggs benedict and French toast populating both. The real standouts, however, are the buttermilk pancakes, which are semi-sweet and fluffy and go perfectly  with a specialty syrup or the old standby Maple. For brunch, you have Nutella pancakes and their incredible decadent pancakes, made with Chantilly cream and sautéed bananas and strawberries.

Standard Grill

The Standard Grill is another impressive destination for delectable breakfast and brunch creations; their buttermilk pancakes are famous all over NYC, especially with the exceptional Vermont maple syrup on top. Their brunch menu offers a variety of toppings for your buttermilk pancakes, including Nutella, blueberry and strawberry compote and fresh cut bananas.

Everest Diner

For those of you looking to experience breakfast like a local, the Everest Diner is calling your name. Not only is their coffee quality, their service great and their food quick and delicious, but they make pancakes like you wouldn’t believe. For a little hole-in-the-wall tucked into Chinatown, the Everest is affordable and delicious food whenever you need it.


Last but certainly not least on our list is Shopsin’s, home of the famous menu that offers what seems like a million options for essentially any appetite ever. In addition to their plain pancakes, they offer tons of toppings (seriously, too many to mention) as well as a glorious variety of pancake breakfast plates that come with all manner of delicious breakfast/brunch fare and will leave you in a food coma for what will probably end up being the rest of your life.

Enjoying a great breakfast in the Big Apple should be on everyone’s list when they visit; book a chauffeured car and forget about driving. All you’ll have to do is fret over what to choose from the menu, which is a nice problem to have.

photo credit: jeffreyw via photopin cc