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With the holiday seasons right around the corner, it can be difficult to find the perfect present for every person on your list. From your spouse, your kids, your extended family, your friends, your co-workers and your boss, there are plenty of opportunities to foul up and buy something they either won’t use or simply don’t like. Avoiding these kinds of gift-giving conundrums is a holiday chore in and of itself, and with so much already going on, the time involved in finding the perfect present can feel like an absolute drain.

Holiday gift-giving should be about showing someone that you care and that you want to give them something that they can enjoy, something that will make their lives better, even if it’s just for a day or an afternoon. With all of the mishaps that can occur in trying to get fancy with gift-giving, especially when it comes to your boss or co-workers, gift certificates make the perfect catch-all for an effortless and enjoyable gift.

Here’s our list of perfect New York gift certificates this year.


It may sound unconventional, but a gift certificate for an evening ride around Manhattan in a limousine is something that will delight almost anyone you give it to. The lure of a ride in a limousine, especially in a city like Manhattan, is undeniable; cruising around the city during the holidays, enjoying the lights and decorations, watching the tourists and residents move about in the hustle of the season, and simply enjoying the luxury of a pristine vehicle are all elements of a perfect night around the holidays that won’t soon be forgotten.

And who can forget the luxury of not having to drive? The city is hectic, and the traffic is harrowing. Giving someone the luxury of a night out without having to fuss with navigation, parking and sitting in traffic is a huge plus on anyone’s radar.


When’s the last time you heard someone say, “I could really use a massage right about now”? Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in some distant land where massage isn’t a thing, it probably hasn’t been very long. This gift certificate is especially appropriate for a boss or co-worker whom you know is particularly stressed out. The tension in muscles can be a real hindrance on productivity and overall quality of life, but massages are luxuries that few executives and busy workers have time for. Cut out the leg work and present a lucky person in your life with the chance to unwind, relax and really be taken care of for an hour or so. It’s a guaranteed success.


Car detailing is the kind of present that people don’t know they want until someone gives it to them. Busy people, especially those juggling work and family, rarely have time to keep their vehicles in any condition other than “lived in.” And this is more than understandable; a car is a method of transportation, and we often allow our vehicles to become cluttered, messy and limited in their utility as we make our ways from work to home to weekend activities and back again. A clean, detailed car can be a joy in someone’s life, especially someone who has children and very little extra time on their hands.


It may sound out of time during the holidays to purchase a round of golf for a co-worker or boss. But once the first crack of spring rolls around, they will be so happy to have the gift certificate waiting in the wings. Even if you’re in Manhattan, there are plenty of places to play golf and unwind, which is perfect for a boss who wants an afternoon off but doesn’t want to stray too far from the office.

Gift-giving in New York City doesn’t have to be stress-inducing; if you know the right gift certificates to purchase for the right people, it can actually be a breeze. You’ll be happy to have given a gift that your friend or loved one can use, and they’ll be happy to receive a gift that will give them a few moments of escape or a beautiful evening out.

photo credit: Shereen M via photopin cc