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Sedan service to and from LGA may seem like an expensive option, but you’ll actually find it priceless. Before you decide the cost of a sedan to LGA is too high, take a look at some of the reasons you really can’t go without. We’re certain you’ll agree that Long Island car service to LaGuardia really is the best way to go.


LaGuardia is one of the busiest airports in the country, most certainly because it’s a travel hub for one of the busiest cities in the country. When you plan your trips to depart or arrive at LGA, you must count on thousands of other people traveling at the same time. You can certainly book a taxi to drop you at the door, but you must remember how many other people will be departing at the same time. Your taxi driver will charge you for sitting in traffic at the airport.

When you arrive at LGA, you won’t have trouble finding a taxi, either. There is a taxi stand where many cars line up throughout the day to ferry airplane passengers just like you to anywhere in NYC or Long Island. However, those airplane passengers will also be lining up, and that means more waiting for you.

Wouldn’t you love to have a smiling Chauffeur meet you at baggage claim, help you with your luggage, and then lead you to a car waiting at the curb just for you? At an airport as busy as LGA, sedan service is priceless.


You have your choice of sedans or SUVs when you choose Executive Limo’s LGA car service. The luxury sedans are the perfect size for up to three travelers, but they’re not your only choice. When you travel with more than that, you can choose one of our elegant SUVs. Simply provide us with a headcount, and we’ll help you choose between the Lincoln Town Car sedan, the Ford Fusion sedan, Lincoln limousines, Ford passenger vans, or even limo buses. No matter what your needs, we have a vehicle that fits.

Not only do you get serious comfort and style from our LGA sedan service, you’ll also get plenty of amenities. Our Chauffeurs will ensure that you have everything you need, from snacks and beverages to additional power cords for your electronic devices. No matter how happy you’ve been with taxi services, none of them could offer this.


Perhaps the biggest bonus of LGA car service is the chance to keep working right up until your flight. If you’re planning to drive yourself to or from the airport, you won’t be able to answer emails or calls while behind the wheel. Taxi drivers don’t offer the silence and security that our Chauffeurs can give. It really is the best possible way to keep your productivity high even while traveling. Make use of the privacy screens, power ports, and discreet Chauffeurs to get your work done.

In addition to an excellent work environment, Executive Limousine also offers additional assistance retrieving anything you may have forgotten. If you arrive at LaGuardia and realize you didn’t pack your power tie, our Chauffeur will make sure you can buy one before the meeting.  If you realize you need pens and paper to complete your tasks on the way to your hotel or conference, your Chauffeur will have them waiting for you.

No other Long Island limousine service makes it so easy to enjoy your ride to and from LaGuardia Airport. To see the difference for yourself, simply contact Executive Limousine today to schedule your ride.

Image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Ambro