A traveling executive has a lot of demands on his or her time. From staying connected to the office back home, answering emails, communicating with colleagues and managing tasks, there is plenty to do and not enough hours in the day. One of the downfalls of the traveling executive’s on-the-road situation is that he or she is usually without the vital electronics on which they rely for optimal productivity and task completion.

Finding compact, travel-friendly gadgets to throw in your pocket or bag before you board your flight can have a huge impact on productivity and overall ease in getting work done. To help you find the gadgets that are portable and best for your business travel experiences, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites.


For those of you who are big fans of the Android operating system, this high-tech, sleek, wearable watch features a variety of styles when it comes to time-telling concepts, and is designed to be one of the most comfortable and accessible watches on the market.  When you’re in a hurry at the airport, having such a diverse gadget right there on your wrist can help speed up several different processes, such as checking the weather or the time in your destination city.


For those of you who depend on music to relax and de-stress during a plane ride or a hectic trek through a crowded airport, but also want a headphone-free speaker system to use in the privacy of your Cut Stress during Executive Travel or hotel room, the Flip Headphones are your ideal gadget for business travel. When you’re ready for your headphones to become speakers, simply flip the earmuffs around, and you have your very own set of high-powered, crisp-sounding speakers.


How many of you have found yourselves facing an unexpected delayed flight with a great need to get work done but no available outlets in your terminal to charge your phone? Besides there often being no outlets, cords are often cumbersome and require you to sit on the floor to reach your device. The Airnergy Wi-Fi Harvesting Charger is a godsend for business travelers who need a charge in the airport but don’t have access to an outlet. The even better news? You don’t even have to be connected to a network; you just have to be in an area that has signaled for the charger to get its juice.

Easy, portable devices that help business people streamline their productivity during travel make a world of difference in the overall business travel experience. Find your perfect pocket-sized gadget and watch your corporate travel experience go from stressful to streamlined in one fell swoop.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Carlos Porto