The holidays offer some of the most beautiful and quintessential New York City sites; from the Rockefeller Christmas Tree to the beauty of holiday-themed Times Square, the amount of “picturesque” in NYC around the holidays is expansive. From the lights displays to the general mirth of the NYC holiday atmosphere, a holiday date-night in the Big Apple is overwhelmed with creative and festive possibilities. To help you turn your holiday-date night in NYC into a one-of-a-kind experience for your significant other, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help get you on your celebratory way.


How a Long Island Limo can make your holiday better to drive you to your destination is highly advised, for several reasons: one, navigating New York City, especially at night, can be a difficult undertaking that can snuff out any romantic vibes before you’re even having dinner. Also, consider whether or not you would like to enjoy some alcohol on your special night out. Unless you’re eight or just totally against it, the answer will probably be “yes,” which means having someone to transport you safely to and from your destination(s) is one of the basic keys to enjoying yourself and doing so safely. Besides, a limousine is luxurious, and everyone likes a little luxury around the holidays. So, go for the car and enjoy the peace of mind that follows behind it.


If your date likes to sing, the 23rd annual Christmas Carols event, held at Kettle of Fish on Christopher Street will likely delight them to no end. The event is held on December 16 and is free of charge. There will be pamphlets available with the lyrics to holiday favorites like “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bell Rock” and a bar for you to grab a little liquid courage before you partake in the festivities. If singing isn’t so much up their alley, head over to Fat Cat where they can listen to live music and hear some truly fantastic crooners until the 5 AM closing time. If they want to play pool, throw darts, or just get tipsy with holiday cheer, the Fat Cat has a long list of spirits to inject the holiday spirit into your night out. And who can ask for more than that?


If by now you (and your date) are sufficiently tipsy, hop in your limousine and head over to the Christmas Lights and Cannoli Tour in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, for some of the most jaw-dropping holiday lights displays, brought to you by the insanely competitive locals who literally light up entire blocks with their holiday animatronics and life-size Dickensian carolers. The tour’s final stop is at the Mona Lisa Bakery in Brooklyn for a cannoli and a cappuccino, quintessential holiday fare that will leave you warm and fuzzy inside, if you aren’t already from the pre-lights-display-indulgences.


If something a little more slow-paced is suited to your date’s desires, consider taking them to the Union Square Holiday Market, which is open annually from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and offers a variety of unique items for gifting or self-gifting. Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything, the window-shopping aspect of the Union Square Holiday Market is just as appealing. Find a spot to buy cocoa to warm your insides and then enjoy the people watching and holiday cheer. Sometimes the quiet simplicity of being near your loved one in a beautiful atmosphere is an ideal holiday date, anyway.

Image Credit: © Kydriashka | Dreamstime Stock Photos &Stock Free Images