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Planning the Perfect Sweet Sixteen? How about sweet 16 party buses?

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Turning 16 is a very big deal, so a party at the local rec center won’t cut it this time. If you want to throw an unforgettable sweet 16 birthday party, or a sweet 16 NYC ideas, rent a party bus! Sweet 16 party buses (its like a large ambassador limo) come in all sizes and can comfortably accommodate dozens of people.

Discover the excellent perks of hiring a sweet sixteen party bus and some party bus ideas to get you started.

5 Reasons to Hire A Sweet 16 Party Bus

Throwing a unique 16th birthday party comes with lots of pressure, and you want it to be perfect from start to finish. A sweet 16 party bus service can take a massive load out of the planning process in the following ways:

Party Bus Rental Is Convenient

A sweet 16 party bus package is a large vehicle, imagine a stretch Cadillac Escalade but a bus, modified for recreation, typically a coach, bus, or limo. Think of it as a party venue on wheels, taking you to all your favorite spots on your birthday. Imagine all the snapchat stories you can make out of this. You can book a birthday party bus online with just a few clicks, which is more convenient than renting and decorating a regular venue.

2. Pick Up Your Guests in Style

Sometimes, organizing a taxi service or booking Ubers for your guests can be expensive and inconvenient. But if you hire a limousine for party guests, you can add a touch of luxury to your party experience. Agree on the pickup locations in advance and impress all your friends when you pull up in a limo. Take pride in this.

3. A Birthday Party Bus Is Safe

Your top priority is the safety of your guests. Let’s say you want 50 people to attend your sweet 16 birthday party. A party bus comes with an experienced, responsible chauffeur that take pride in their hard work. Not just typical drivers of any vehicles. Since none of you will be behind the wheel, you’re free to enjoy yourselves. You’ll also travel to your favorite venues as a group, so you can look out for each other throughout.

4. Personalize Your Party Bus

Party buses usually come with amenities like flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, surround sound systems, a dance floor, and a minibar. However, you can personalize your party bus 16th birthday package to include a smoke machine, a karaoke system, non-alcoholic drinks, video game consoles, and more.

5. A Non-Stop Party Experience

Your 16th birthday party starts when you enter the party bus and continues between destinations. Sweet 16 party buses keep the mood alive throughout, so you can thoroughly enjoy your special day. Can you imagine the many instagram pictures and all the snapchat stories you will get.

4 Ways to Make Sweet 16 Party Buses Super Fun


Hiring a sweet 16 party bus service is one thing, but creating a once-in-a-lifetime party experience is another. Here are some simple tips to make your birthday party bus rental worth it.

1. Choose A Birthday Party Theme

Old Hollywood glamor, masquerades, tropical luau, disco dancing, you name it, you can have it in a party bus. You can also use your final destination for sweet 16 party bus ideas. For example, if you’re heading to a big concert, choose a karaoke theme for your party bus.

2. Choose Your Stopovers Wisely

Before you reach your main party destination, you want to include some stops along the way, like your favorite restaurants, nature or theme parks, shopping malls, landmarks, etc. These stops are great for taking photos, buying gifts, or catching a bathroom break. Decide how much time you’ll spend at each stop as you plan your limo hire for 16th birthday.

3. Include Fun Activities in The Party Bus

There’s plenty to do inside sweet 16 party buses, such as dancing, karaoke, playing charades, card games, and video games. Think of activities you can do indoors, and consider the space available inside your sweet 16 party bus or limo. Nothing’s sweeter in life than a birthday event with friends, than a rolling sugar factory in town inside a cool ride with the girls.

3. Enjoy Light Refreshments

Your sweet 16 party bus service may include refreshments and free ice in the package, but you can always bring your own. Choose light, delicious snacks that are easy to eat and won’t need heating or refrigeration. Appetizers like mini sandwiches and pizza bites are great for a party bus. Serve them with juice or soda, offer free ice and keep enough bottled water for all your guests.


5 Excellent Sweet 16 Party Bus Ideas

Remember that sweet 16 party buses are customized to meet your needs, so choose themes and destinations that match your interests. Some sweet 16 party bus ideas include:

  • Movie parties: Book a private movie screening at your favorite cinema, choose your film and kick back like a VIP. This is one of your top priority.
  • City adventures: Explore the best restaurants, museums, and boutiques for sightseeing, shopping, and culinary attractions
  • Ice skating: You can throw your sweet 16 birthday party at an ice skating rink, complete with a party room, skate gear rentals, and a private ice skating lesson
  • Luxury resorts: Book a party at your dream resort, including pool time, birthday cake, 5-star food, games, and entertainment
  • Athletics: Throw your sweet 16 birthday at a sports club to include a party room, access to facilities like courts and fields, plus your choice of games to play with your friends, from tennis to dodgeball

Have A Perfect Sweet 16 Birthday Party with Executive Limousine

Let Executive Limousine drive you in style for your sweet sixteen birthday party. We have a range of sweet 16 party buses with high-quality sound, lighting, and plenty of space for your guests.

Our sprinter bus accommodates up to 14 guests, while our party bus and minibus can fit up to 32 guests. Executive Limousine sweet 16 party buses also come with experienced and professional chauffeurs to get you to your destination on time. In addition, our luxury party buses are:

  • Available 24/7 throughout the year, so you can enjoy your sweet 16th birthday party no matter the date.
  • Available within 24 hours of booking
  • Ideal for Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk) and the Five Boroughs

All set for your sweet 16th? Book a party bus for your big day. Contact Executive Limousine at (516) 826-8172 or toll-free at (888) 245-3556 for a free quote today!