For brides-to-be, there’s a seemingly endless list of to-dos in preparation of the big day. From finding the right dress to choosing bridesmaids, choosing bridemaids dresses, selecting a venue, planner, photographer, and transportation, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done and ensure that the day goes off without a hitch.

For many impending brides, finding and attending the best bridal shows is a godsend. No matter the time of year you’re anticipating for your wedding, there is a bridal show that can offer you tons of ideas, options for vendors, and insight into the wedding planning process.

If you’re lucky enough to live near New York City or Long Island, you have tons of bridal shows to choose from. Getting the most out of these bridal shows, however, isn’t so cut and dry. For many brides, the stress and time crunch involved with getting to the bridal show and reaching out to as many vendors as possible can be overwhelming.

To help you prepare for your 2014 bridal show experience, we’ve compiled a list of ways to get the most out of each show.


If you’re attending a bridal show in or near New York City, one thing is certain: traffic will be a bit of a hassle. When you’re already a bit stressed out over the day-long process of speaking to vendors, caterers and photographers, the stress of navigating and parking in a busy city will only make things worse.

The easiest solution to your transportation problems on the day of your bridal show is to book chauffeured car service. Your chauffeur will be a local expert who has traffic patterns memorized and will always know the easiest routes. Additionally, if you need advice on restaurants for dinner when the bridal show is finished, your chauffeur will have plenty of suggestions on hand.

The most important perk offered by car service is the ability to focus your energies on getting the most out of your bridal show, rather than battling traffic or searching for a place to park.


By the time you reach your bridal show, the idea of standing in line, going through a lengthy check-in process and waiting to enter the depo can be seriously stress-inducing. Purchasing tickets to your chosen bridal show ahead of time will help make your check-in process quicker and get you into the festivities earlier.

Additionally, many bridal shows charge more for tickets sold at the door, so make sure you’ve done your research online and chosen the absolute best bridal show for you. When you know you’ve chosen the right one, you can purchase tickets ahead of time, often for a lower price, without second-guessing or deciding on a bridal show at the last minute when pre-purchase is no longer an option.


Never underestimate the power of a second opinion. When it comes to bridal shows, you’ll want to have a friend (preferably a bridesmaid) along to help offer advice and give opinions. For many brides, especially those who are under time and budget constraints, having an outside perspective can help them balance their needs and wants and select the vendors that are most ideal.

A bridal show is also way more fun when you have a friend or two along! The journey towards your wedding day should be enjoyable—it’s one of the biggest celebrations of our lives, after all. Having your friends along to experience the joys, challenges and numerous choices you have to make can soften the stress and make the experience far more bearable.


For many brides-to-be, keeping track of the various photographers, caterers, venues and wedding planners is the biggest challenge they face in their bridal show experience. The easiest way to minimize confusion or organizational issues at your show is to purchase a three-ringed binder with folders to separate your vendor interviews into categories.

Having separate categories for photographers, cake makers, caterers, wedding planners and venues will ensure that you don’t lose business cards or lose important information for a contact that was especially impressive. Take pictures of the displays at the bridal show so you have as much evidence as possible when it comes time to narrow down your decisions. If you want, you can purchase and label spacers for your folder to ensure none of the sections get confused with one another.

Your bridal show experience on Long Island can be perfect with the addition of car service, a good friend for perspective, pre-purchased tickets and careful organization. Your journey to the perfect wedding begins with an amazing Long Island bridal show and the confidence you’ll get from being so completely prepared.

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photo credit: Suzanne Schroeter via photopin cc