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There are many aspects of business life that demand your energy, attention and sacrifices. From getting a task completed on a hard deadline to finding new and interesting ways to entertain your potential clients, the tasks can seem never ending and the rewards few and far between.

One aspect of corporate life that many of us contend with on a regular basis is the issue of executive travel. We often find ourselves booked on crowded flights to unfamiliar cities with a strict agenda and no way to get around. Adapting to the stresses of executive travel can require more energy than many of us have, and can unfortunately tax us to the point of exhaustion. Does executive travel have to be so challenging, though? Are there ways to make the experience actually enjoyable, instead of merely bearable? We think so, and we’ve decided to make a list of ways to fall back in love with executive travel.


An aspect of executive travel that can be a huge setback for many businesspeople is the difficulty of finding reliable transportation once you reach your destination city. Many businesspeople settle for the option of booking a rental car because it appears to be the easiest; they get their own method of transportation at their disposal, and they don’t have to worry with the often slippery slope of finding cabs or public transportation at the drop of a hat.

Because your schedule during a business trip is often so packed, you certainly don’t have time to stand around on the curb trying to hail a cab during rush hour. But if you’re thinking of the most effective way to travel during a business trip, is a rental car truly the best solution? When you consider the stresses and time constraints already in place from the beginning of your trip, why not remove the hassle of driving and finding parking from the mix? The way to do this is to book Cut Stress during Executive Travel before you get on your flight. You’ll have a professional chauffeur waiting for you at baggage claim with a smile and a helping hand, as well as someone to recommend great restaurants, handle all navigation and parking and give you advice on places to take clients should you need an agenda for a night out.


Another huge part of executive travel that many businesspeople neglect is how important it is to find the right hotel room. When you think about the amount and the quality of sleep you can expect to get on your business trip, you probably feel a little pessimistic. Hotels often make unusually bad environments for getting the quality sleep you’ll need to stay at the top of your productivity game. From getting a room near the elevators or ice machines to simply not having the amenities you need to feel comfortable, a bad hotel room can absolutely have a negative impact on your executive travel experience.

The easiest way to fix the hotel conundrum before your next business trip is to put in more research when it comes to deciding on the hotel you’ll stay in. Ensure that the beds are to your standards and that the room comes with all of the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay.


When it comes to business travel, it can definitely be detrimental, both physically and financially, to have no plan for your meals or nutrition during your trip. Especially when it comes to being constantly in and out of airports, you don’t want to find yourself always stopping at the airport convenience store for a candy bar, bag of chips or other unhealthy options. Similarly, you don’t want to rely on the airport restaurant chains for all of your meals while you wait for your flight or anticipate a delayed one. Not only will it put a serious dent in your bank account, but it won’t do your diet any favors, either.

The easiest way to solve the food problem during executive travel is to carefully pack your own snacks for your trip. Figure out which snacks give you the most energy and agree most with your system while your travel. Create portion plans and do research on the restaurants in your destination city; when you know where you want to eat, and even have reservations made, it is much easier to make good choices and eat well throughout your trip.

Executive travel doesn’t have to be a taxing, insane experience; with a little careful planning and extra research, you can take your executive traveler experience from bearable to enjoyable.

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