The holidays are here, and that means family time, togetherness, delicious food, and tons of stress. From coordinating travel schedules to getting all the presents bought and wrapped, the holidays can feel like an absolute cyclone of insanity once Thanksgiving rolls around. Unfortunately, people forget to slow down, take a breath and appreciate the holidays for all their splendor and magic. Even if you can’t spare a night out to unwind and enjoy the holiday lights, you can at least combine some of your holiday errands with a little downtime fun.

We say the easiest way to add a little pizazz to the drudgery that is finishing up last-minute shopping is to How a Long Island Limo can make your holiday better. With a chauffeur to handle your commutes and a limousine to enjoy throughout the event, you’ll barely notice that you’re basically running a marathon between shopping malls and battling grown women for the last sale item on a picked through rack. Here are five other ways to take advantage of limo service this holiday season.


Plan a family outing a place that your kids will enjoy. Go see the lights, go out to a kid-friendly restaurant, or take them ice-skating. The holiday season should not only be about buying a lot of presents and letting your kids open them on the designated morning. Booking a limo and showing your kids you love them by providing them with a great experience is just as valuable a gift, if not more so, than the newest toy or gadget that they’ll probably become bored of or break within the month.


We know this doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your one night in a limousine, but think about how much less stressful that final shopping trip will be if you get dropped off right at the mall doors, skipping all that harrowing parking and the possibility of getting into several different wrecks, not to mention the long and chilly walk to the doors if you have to park far away. A chauffeured car will make parking and getting in and out a cinch. Once you’re ready to go, simply give your chauffeur a call and he or she will appear outside with a warmed up luxury vehicle, waiting to take you home again.


If you’re like most people, there are certain members of your family that you only see once a year, during the holidays. Visiting your family can be a stressful experience or a pleasant one, depending on how well you all get along. But no matter which way you look at it, you’re going to need to get there,  and we think booking a limousine to handle your commute to visit the family is a great idea. Whether it’s over the river and through the woods or just a couple of towns over, going in a limousine will make the trip easier and more enjoyable. And if you partake in one too many holiday spirits while visiting relatives, you have a dependable and solid ride home afterwards, which is great for everyone involved, no matter the time of year.

The holidays don’t have to be all stress and no fun; combine the drudgery of shopping with the luxury and ease of chauffeured transportation and build a memory that will last long past the “Happy New Year” hats are in the trash.

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