People come and go all day at New York’s busy airports.  But it can be frustrating to get to New York, Manhattan, Long Island and other NYC destinations in a taxi or shuttle.  Not only do you have to wait or share your ride with strangers, the ride is not very comfortable in many cases.  Some families have to wait two or three hours for a shuttle to arrive, which is such a time waster that it is not even worth the nominal money savings.

So, what other options are there for people to get into downtown NYC from LaGuardia or JFK airports?  An airport car service is the best solution!  It is also the most helpful and instead of trying to manage to carry all of your bags, hailing a taxi or buying a ticket for the shuttle, you’ll have a friendly limousine chauffeur waiting for you from the moment you step off the plane.  Executive Limousine chauffeurs will be waiting with a sign that says the name of your party and will even help you with your bags and luggage.

Even more importantly, your ride from JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport in a limo or airport car service will be much more comfortable.  Sit back and relax in our cushy seats and tinted windows.  Unwind after a stressful flight.  You can even play your favorite music or take in the sights of New York City while riding in one of our beautiful cars instead of aggressive yellow taxis.

Many people are surprised to learn that an airport car service is not much more expensive than a taxi would be, yet the amenities and customer service is far superior.  Simply call ahead to make arrangements and enjoy a stress-free and punctual ride.  We guarantee to get you there on time for your flight.  You tell us when to be there and we will not only arrive on time, we will be there a little early.

Next time you need a ride to or from Long Island, NYC, to or from JFK or LaGuardia airport, try the airport car service for a different and luxurious experience!

Call (516) 221-5466 or toll-free (888) 245-3556 our reservation agents are available to answer any questions you might have.