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This process can, many times be difficult, impossible or even backfire. As the founder and owner of a long time (and may I add reliable) limousine and car service in the great state of New York, I have the following advice to offer as you plan your travels in any city.

  1. Understand some of the terminology: Limousine is often a word used to simply describe ground transportation in general. So be clear on the type of vehicle you need to hire. Here are many of your choices:
    • Limousine: luxury stretch limousine for 6, 10 or more passengers. Ex. Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz
    • Super Stretch: luxury limousine for more than 12 passengers
    • Exotic Stretch Limousine: A 6 or more passenger stretch luxury limousine but a more exotic model. Ex. Hummer, SUV, etc.
    • Car Service: Usually a sedan and NOT a stretch luxury limousine.
    • Van Service: 11 to 15 passenger cargo type van usually used for shared-ride or shuttle services or for event transportation.
    • Other Available Vehicles: Mini-bus for 16 or more. Can include luxury features but certainly not always.
  2. Private (Direct) vs. Shuttle (Shared Ride): This is a very important distinction to understand. Be sure you are clear about which type of service you need and just as importantly, which type of service your transportation company “thinks” you need or asked for. Private service can be secured using any of the vehicle types I mentioned above. It’s important to determine if you need “private & “direct” service or a shared ride or shuttle service. The important considerations are as follows:
    • Private or Direct Service: In this case, you and your party are the only passengers. You determine when you wish to pick up and the ride should be standing by for you upon your return trip. You are defining the schedules and stops as well as vehicle needed.
    • Shuttle or Shared Ride Service: With this travel model the usual priority is passenger price so you are giving up some control and convenience to save on your travel budget. In this case, the service provider may choose any vehicle within reason and they will determine to pick up and drop off schedule. The other big difference here is that you will most likely be one of many in the pickup schedule so be prepared for many stops after your going to an airport and stops before you returning home from the airport.
  3. Other features that indicate a carrier of quality:
    • Late model vehicles: Ask your representative what year Vehicles will be used in your ground transportation. This indicates stability and safety observations made by your car service provider.
    • Safety equipment: Be sure the level of safety compliance meets your standards as well as the benchmark or local authority standards.
    • Longevity: In many cases, the weaker or less dependable ground transportation companies can’t maintain viability for any length of time so ask how long they have been in business. My recommendation is to be wary of a company that has less than 5 years experience in your community.
    • Live Assistance: Because travel plans and vacations can change quickly and in many cases, you have to deal with that “stress” component, it is helpful to have access to a live person to confirm, change or cancel travel plans. A 24-hour operation is advisable.
    • Technology: The limousine or car service (or shuttle) company you choose should have the technology in place for you to get receipts, confirm or change your travel details online if you wish.

These are just some of the features of a quality, reputable limousine service, car service or shuttle service in any city you travel through. Stay tuned to our blog through our website and we will try to provide current and useful travel information in the hopes of making your ground transportation and overall travels easier and less stressful.

If you are traveling through the New York or Long Island, please offer us the chance to prove our experience and reliability through our quality Long Island limousine and car service.

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