Your work life is often the most demanding aspect of day-to-day living.

  • A hectic commute
  • Constantly-changing company plans
  • Contending with fatigue and burnout
  • Constant travel and being away from home
  • Balancing work and home life

There is plenty to keep you guessing, possibly stressed-out and sometimes uncomfortable.

Whether it’s taking time for a daily fitness routine, changing your at-work eating habits or acquiring a daily routine for de-stressing, making your workplace wellness a priority can help you live a better life, both in the office and at home.

Here are a few strategies for accomplishing true wellness in the at work (and maybe at home too).


One reason you sometimes start feeling sluggish at work, especially in the afternoons, is that you might spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk in a nearly-stationary position.

Aside from dashing through the airport, or mowing the yard on the weekend, you might get very little exercise.

Movement helps keep your:

  • Metabolism higher
  • Heart healthier
  • Energy-level higher
  • Fatigue levels at bay

Even if going outside or to the gym for traditional exercise isn’t a possibility, doing exercises at your desk certainly is.

Stretching, in-chair jumping jacks, and running in place, as well as taking the stairs whenever possible are easy exercises to do right in the office. All can provide you with some kind of physical movement, without the demand on your personal time.


Whether you realize it or not, the stress that you deal with on a daily basis at work will start piling up sooner or later.

The anxiety you might feel from a tight schedule, traveling, extra work or tensions with your co-workers can rear its head in ugly ways, such as lack of motivation, illness or even burnout.

If you find that you’re functioning less efficiently at work and think it’s due to the various stresses you deal with on a daily basis, consider taking a few minutes out every day to de-compress.

This could include playing a few minutes of relaxing music, doing breathing exercises, or simply sitting quietly in your office meditating. If something helps take the anxiety away, utilizing it at work can help keep your mood even and your productivity and happiness high.


Do you visit the snack machine and opt in for a bag of chips? Is the break room constantly full of unhealthy food choices?

Your at-work eating habits might leave much to be desired when it comes to your wellness.

That donut or Danish in the morning, fast food for lunch, and that candy bar in the afternoon can have a dramatic effect on how energized, happy and productive we feel throughout our days.

Instead of reaching for the carb-filled pastry in the morning, why not bring your own trail mix with a variety of dried fruit and nuts?

If you don’t have time to prepare a healthy trail mix, you can invest in some quick and healthy granola or breakfast bars that take no time to prepare but still help keep you on the health track throughout your day.


When it comes to getting a few executive health tips, you might agree that the commute to the office can leave you a little amped up before you even reach the office.

If you know that your commute is a particular problem in your life, it might be time to look into alternative methods for transportation on your morning commute.

Look into carpooling with fellow employees a few days a week.

Or, if your funds allow, book Cut Stress during Executive Travel for one or two mornings a week.

Arriving at work refreshed instead of mad at your fellow commuters could be a tremendous relief to your stress levels.

As an executive, your productivity and your position depend on how well you handle the challenges that your job brings you. A reminder to live healthier in certain areas makes this much more possible and leaves you feeling much more able to accomplish the more complicated aspects of your position.

Practicing wellness in the workplace will not only create a happier you at work, but you’ll be happier and better adjusted at home. Make strides towards a higher level of workplace wellness and watch your productivity and energy soar.

photo credit: le temple du chemisier via photopin cc