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For women travelers of all ages and types, safety is among the first priority when planning a trip. Not only do female travelers face more danger when traveling alone than do men, they contend with an entire additional set of precautions before they can even dream about boarding their plane.

Female business travelers are no exception when it comes to the dangers women face in the fast-moving world of travel. Not only is safety a concern, but female business travelers must also pack in a way that they aren’t too weighed down or impeded from moving quickly with their luggage through any environment. If you’re a female anticipating an upcoming business trip, we’ve compiled a list of tips for staying safe and traveling efficiently each and every time.


One of the most important things a female traveler should do before arriving in her destination city is to get familiar with the area. Do research on crime rates, dangerous areas, and businesses that have a history of break-ins or criminal activity. Know which streets are off limits, and which businesses have questionable histories. Don’t fly into an unfamiliar city knowing nothing about its crime rates or dangerous regions. Knowledge is power.


Professional attire is universally recognizable. So is the notion that a professionally dressed person will have valuables on them, whether it’s in the form of jewelry, money or credit cards of some sort. When you go out in an unfamiliar city, do your best to blend in when it comes to clothing and accessories. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself in a questionable part of town by wearing clothing that sets you apart. Bring a non-descript parka or other casual clothing so if you need to run out to the store, you can do so incognito.


It’s important for any business person to know how to pack lightly and wisely. For women, it’s even more important, as carrying heavy luggage through airports, up flights of stairs or through city streets will most likely be more difficult for a female traveler. Unfortunately, the majority of female travelers will have more products and cosmetics dedicated to their professional look than do men, which creates a bit of a rock and a hard place.

The answer in this scenario is to compile an arsenal of versatile products that can accomplish your desired look with little effort. Packing fewer things will lighten your suitcase and cut down on clutter when you’re settling in.

You should also invest in a reliable carry-on, one that has plenty of compartments and zippers for you to separate your possessions easily and effectively. You should choose a carry-on that is durable and has a place for a lock so your possessions are secure at all times.


There are many scenarios and conversations that solo female travelers should generally not entertain. Avoid telling strangers about the circumstances of your trip. Don’t offer up your hotel’s name, and especially do not disclose that you’re traveling alone. Even if you do plan to walk the city’s pedestrian bridge at midnight to watch the meteor shower, disclosing this type of information to perfect strangers can put you at increased vulnerability to be followed or stalked throughout your trip.

Of course, having good conversations with locals is a huge part of indulging in the traveling experience, and you should enjoy it. But don’t let your guard down when it comes to assessing whether or not someone is having a genuine conversation with you or fishing for information on your plans and whereabouts. Pay attention to their demeanor and exit the conversation immediately if you begin to sense ulterior motives.


Another thing female travelers should consider when traveling to an unfamiliar city is the safety of public transportation and taxis. Finding a way to get around during a business trip has a list of added concerns for women because for most of them, getting the subway at night after an business dinner or conference is simply not a safe option. If a female traveler does opt to take public transit during her business trip, she’s often anxious and uncomfortable throughout the experience.

If you’re a female planning a business trip to an unfamiliar city, it might be worth it to simply spring for a private car for the duration of your trip. Not only will you be relieved of the fears of public transit, especially late at night, you’ll have the services of a local expert in your chauffeur, who can advise you on the areas of the city to avoid and ensure that you’re delivered to the door of each of your destinations, ensuring that you won’t be stuck walking city blocks after getting off the subway or bus. Especially in a place like New York City or Boston, car service is the safest and smartest option for women traveling alone.

What are some ways you stay safe during solo business travel?

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