The life of an executive is a balancing act of constant travel and learning to sleep, eat and conduct business in foreign environments. New York City, inarguably one of the most dynamic cities in the world, is a hub of activity for the business executive, and that activity doesn’t come without its frustrations.

Enter the experience of transportation, especially to and from the airport where, at any given moment, you are likely to find a stressed-out executive rushing from one end to the other, desperate to find a cab and get to a meeting on time. We know that, as an executive, your time is valuable and scarce and one way that you can make it stretch the furthest is by springing for a limousine instead of getting off of your plane and stepping into the seedy underworld of depending on a cab to get you where you need to go. To illustrate this idea, we have compiled a list of advantages that booking a limo offers:


In the world of the executive, time is absolute of the essence. Compared with a cab, a limousine service is in a different universe in regards to time management. Not only is the chauffeur there at baggage claim, waiting patiently to pick you up, but he is more personable and thorough in his knowledge of where you’ll need to go. Having a local expert to transport you is invaluable in what it will contribute to the ease of your executive experience.


A lot of times, in a cab, you might as well be driving yourself. Not only is there the sizable chance that the cab will look, and smell, like it’s been the stomping ground for a group of animals, but a cab is not at all conducive to getting any sort of work done. The chances of having a cab driver who is rude, overly talkative or ineffective at navigating the New York City streets are pretty high, and all of these things add up to a transportation experience that can affect your productivity, as well as your overall traveling mood.

The value that lies in booking a limousine over hailing a cab is the sheer ease and the fact that every minute you spend looking for a cab, negotiating your destination, and making yourself comfortable has its own dollar value. A limousine adds value to those minutes by providing you with a transportation environment that can give you the tranquility needed after a stressful plane ride or the quiet needed to get the last report typed while you wait in traffic on the way to a meeting.


Think about your career when you just started out, when you were paying your dues and living paycheck to paycheck as you worked hard to advance yourself and become better at your job. Those were the days for cabs; these are the days for limousines. When you reach a point in your career that you know that what you offer your company or your business is invaluable, that’s when you spring for the kind of transportation that will not only enhance your traveling experience but also enhance your productivity. Airport environments are invariably headache-inducing, and adding to that headache the stress of finding a taxi to get you to a destination in a timely fashion is unreasonable at this point in your career.  Cabs hinder everything that a limousine can help flourish. And you have earned the right to the kind of luxury that a limousine offers.


Image Credit: © Sanuk | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images