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If you’re passing through Terminal D for your trip out of La Guardia airport, you’re in luck. Why? You have access to some better-than-usual dining. About three years ago, LaGuardia Airport experienced a major overhaul in its Terminal D dining options. Renowned chefs from the city had a hand in creating the multi-colored mural of restaurants available there today. For hungry travelers who need to take off from that airport, this is great news. It means your options are varied (and tasty). If the hunger monster strikes during your Cut Stress during Executive Travel trip, check out one of these great restaurants.


This raw seafood bar has many highlights that make it a must-stop. First, it was created by chef Andrew Carmellini, who has two restaurants and an Italian cookbook under his belt. Second, each seat is equipped with an iPad, which guests can use to order their food and then pass the time by browsing. Third, for any diner who’s tired of the regular burger fare served  up at airports, it’s a nice place to experience something different. With televisions set up above the bar for added entertainment, Minnow is a nice spot for a bite and a short sit before you’re on your merry way.


Some people may consider the burger a classic part of the airport diet. If you’re one of those people, try Custom Burger, a restaurant owned by renowned butcher Pat LaFrieda. It lets you get something that’s higher quality than your regular fast food place. Customers order by selecting their choice from a menu screen and customizing their burger just the way they like it. Then they simply wait for the kitchen staff to cook it up. Be aware that the wait makes this a less-than-ideal stop if you’re in a hurry. If you have time to kill, however, Custom Burger will serve up some seriously satisfying fare.


For fliers who also enjoy fine dining, this French bistro is a good choice. What’s on the menu? Confit de canard. Croque monsieurs. Salade nicoise. Even better, you don’t have to go through the song and dance of a sit-down meal; instead you can order your food to-go. When you eat something from Bisoux, you can feel confident that your meal has the stamps of approval from chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr. Both have several restaurant credits to their name, including Balthazar and Minetta Tavern. This gives Bisoux the credibility and esteem that can’t be found among run-of-the-mill airport restaurants.


At certain times, nothing goes better with a business flight than a nice steak dinner. That’s where Prime Tavern comes in. The menu was designed by Porter House New York’s Michael Lomonoco. That means you can chow down on a meal of steak and lobster rolls while studying the planes that sit right outside the dining room window. As a bonus, you can also wash your meal down with one of the brews selected by Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. For hearty steak and truly New York touches, Prime Tavern is a must-stop.


Italian restaurant Tagliare has connections to the legendary Italian restaurant Di Fari. Run by the Di Fari owner’s son, Dom De Marco Jr., this spot lets La Guardia’s travelers get a taste of New York’s legendary pizza. If you want something with the exact same flavors as Di Fari’s , it may be better to hold out for Di Fari fare, instead. However, if you want something different while still carrying hints of the classic Italian restaurant, Tagliare is a good choice for your dining.


Another pizza place, Crust does things a little differently than Tagliare by letting customers build their own pizzas. Of course, standard pizzas are also available, if you don’t want to custom-make your own. With Jim Lahey onboard as a consulting chef,  Crust makes dining at LaGuardia a different experience by letting you create your own meal.

In terms of favorite activities, traveling may rank around the same place as cleaning out the refrigerator or visiting the dentist. The travel experience can get better, however, with the right restaurant to provide fuel for your trip. With LGA car service to get you to the airport and good food to pass your time at the airport, your trip will be off to a strong start.

Image Credit: Naito8/freedigitalphotos.net