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With the holidays upon us, family time and togetherness become a very important part of how we spend our time. We understand that you might not be able to spend as much time with your extended family and grown children as you might want to, and the holidays are the time when you get the most quality time with them. That means planning memorable outings that everyone will enjoy is an important part of yours (or their) visits.

Many people want to book a chauffeured car for their holiday plans, but just never get around to it. Not being able to find a trustworthy company, not knowing what to expect or being wary of entrusting yours and your family’s safety to a stranger are all legitimate concerns. Here are a few easy ways to spot a great chauffeur during your first chauffeured car service experience.


A great chauffeur will go out of his or her way to be friendly, accommodating and welcoming, before your trip even begins. If they call you to inform you of their estimated time of arrival, the chauffeur will do so in a pleasant and amiable voice. They will always ask if you have any questions and if there is anything more they can do for you. If you have luggage, you chauffeur will always offer to load it for you. The personal service offered by a great chauffeur should be the first and last thing you notice about your car service experience.


A professional chauffeur will have a thorough knowledge of the city where he or she drives, and will be able to offer you advice on the best restaurants, attractions, bars, nightlife or special events in the area. A good chauffeur takes pride in representing his or her company, and considers it a privilege to promote the city where he or she drives. A thorough knowledge of the city also communicates experience, and few things are more valuable to families on special outings than knowing that their driver has been handling trips like theirs for a long time.


When you have planned a family outing, complete with reservations, tickets and a strict schedule, the last thing you want to worry about is your transportation showing up late. Knowing that you couldn’t very well depend on a taxi to be punctual and not wanting to shoulder the stressful burden of driving yourself, you booked a chauffeured car to add an element of luxury and ease to your experience. The first and most important facet of a great chauffeur is that they show up on time, if not a few minutes early, with your destination in mind and the route mapped out. A great chauffeur will value yours and your family’s time, place emphasis on a safe and effective commute and will avoid, at all costs, the travesty of making you late to your destination.

You, as a customer, deserve the very best when it comes to your chauffeured car service experience. Knowing what to look for in your chauffeur can help you become a more discerning customer, and thus, have a better experience each and every time you book. With companies like Executive, you can expect a completely professional, friendly and knowledgeable chauffeur each and every time.

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