Working in an office all day, every day can take a toll on your creativity, productivity and overall happiness. Working in an isolated environment can make team work next to impossible when collaborative projects arrive, mostly because you aren’t accustomed to even being around your co-workers, let alone working with them in a close environment. These types of workplace situations are what make corporate retreats so beneficial for companies and employees. Not only does a corporate retreat give you the opportunity to really connect with your fellow workers and build actual, lasting camaraderie, it also gives you the chance to break out of the normal office mold and expand your professional horizons.

Planning a corporate retreat can take a long of forethought, however, as you’ll need to find a great location, and you’ll also need to coordinate other aspects of the event, as well, like transportation and food. If you’re planning your event for the New York City area, you have a ton of options for retreat sites and plenty of intangibles to plan for, too. To help you build the best possible corporate retreat or outing in Brooklyn area, we’ve compiled a few essentials, as well as some great venues and locations.


Coordinating effective, safe and reliable transportation for your group on their corporate retreat is among the most important things to get squared away before the big event. Do research for an effective Cut Stress during Executive Travel that can provide vehicles large enough to accommodate your group, preferably in a single vehicle. Not only will booking a single vehicle help cut down on costs, it will also provide you with a foolproof method of getting everyone to and from their destination in a single unit.


Brooklyn Winery offers a variety of different dinners, including a Family Style Dinner or a special cocktail party, and if you book one of these dinners for your corporate retreat, you can choose to add a special blending session to the mix. The blending session is a 45-minute long group experience that can accommodate up to sixty participants, and includes a wine aroma wheel and interactive wine pairings and samplings to your group can choose their blend most effectively. It’s a great way to get your group acquainted with one another and offers a fun activity as the background for collaborative conversation.


The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is a great destination for corporate team building as it requires your group to work together to create something, design its particulars and see it come to fruition. The teamwork aspect of the Foundry is designed with collaboration, communication and team goals in mind, all perfect elements to emphasize during your corporate team-building retreat.


Few things build camaraderie and teamwork quite like a scavenger hunt. Everyone in the group must rely on each other’s ideas and intuitions to get through the experience and hopefully come out on top. Watson Adventures, located in New York, NY, offers a great teambuilding exercise for even the most fragmented of office teams. With a variety of scavenger hunts available to choose from, including a murder mystery and other whodunnits, your team will work together, have fun and make memories during their teambuilding experience.

Getting your corporate culture on track is an easy way to improve your office environment and get better collaborative results from your team. A corporate retreat or teambuilding exercise will help everyone get acquainted and familiar with each other as fellow teammates and as resources, confidantes, and partners in your company’s professional setting.

photo credit: Fouquier ॐ via photopin cc