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Limo Rental New York

Executive Ground Transportation has been in business since 1996 and is a leading limo rental in New York. We offer an impressive variety of luxury transportation services for all occasions and events.

Three awesome things to do in a limo

Renting a limo is exciting, fun, and surprisingly affordable. You have multiple ways by which you can enjoy your limo ride. Some of them include:

  1. Sightseeing – Nothing screams holiday like traveling around a city and enjoying its architecture, magnificence, and lights while riding in a limo. It is incredibly comfortable, luxurious, and offers the best sightseeing experience.
  2. Celebrate an occasion – Be it your bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, prom, or anniversary, renting a limo can make your celebrations more special. When you arrive at a nightclub, bar, or concert in a limo, you get plenty of attention and may get bumped to the front of the line at a club or bar. Get ready for the red carpet treatment that you’re going to get wherever it is that you are going in a limo.
  3. Business meeting – Arriving at a business meeting in a limo can be extremely stylish, professional, and it could make other companies view your company as a financially sound business enterprise. Also, you don’t have to worry about parking your car or driving in traffic before your important meeting.

Besides, hiring a limo to arrive at your wedding is another great way to make use of this luxury vehicle. We offer a broad range of luxury fleets at low prices, as a part of our limo rental in New York.

The cost of renting a limo

Most limo rental companies charge an hourly price, which can range anywhere from $70 to $200 per hour. The type of limo you choose, location, and special requests can affect the price you pay for your limo rental.

Hiring luxury sedans can cost $60-$110/hr while hiring SUV limousines that seat 14- 16 people, can cost from $120 – $190/hr. Remember to make your reservations at least a month before your event to avoid paying extra during high-demand times.

Choosing a limo or a party bus?

The three basic things to consider before choosing a limo or a party bus is the headcount, the kind of occasion you’re celebrating, and the distance you plan on traveling. If you are celebrating an event with a large crowd, hiring a party bus can be more cost-efficient. Also, if you are traveling long distances or for long hours, a party bus may be more comfortable as it allows you to move freely around the bus. Party buses also come with restrooms, saving you time in bathroom breaks.

Lastly, for weddings and prom nights, limousines are a better option as they are more elegant. On the other hand, party buses are more suited for birthdays, bachelor parties, Halloween parties, etc. Executive Ground Transportation offers limo rental in New York at affordable prices. We are one of the few limo rental companies with an insurance policy that covers for the client as well.