So, I’ve been renting limousines for wine tours for years, and up until recently never had been out there. Well, I gotta tell you, what a great afternoon to spend with friends. Just a short trip away and you’re in a different world. I headed out there in a stretch Expedition limousine. You can use any type of limousine even a passenger van will work well. Just make sure no one in your party is driving.

We started our trip with premade bagels and Dunkin Box of Joe. We had a smooth ride with some pumping sound and good friends. First stop Pindar..each winery has a bar area, and for about $5 you are giving 4-5 samples of wine. What an education!

I like the Reisling. 3-4 glasses and I was feeling fine! We only made it to 3 wineries that day, my friend Eric was hungry. We stopped at the Lobster Roll for dinner, where we had many laughs. Be sure to visit the East End, now is the perfect time during the harvest!