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The difference between a great limo service experience and other forms of transportation is the fact that it’s personal. From arranging pick-ups to meeting your Chauffeur at the airport, every aspect of the experience is tailored to fit your needs. Catching a cab just can’t compare to the up-to-date logistics support and old-fashioned customer service of a great limo company. If you’re wondering what your options are for limo service, you’re in luck. From arranging to meet your chauffeur at home to plan your itinerary, we’ve compiled a list of options to help you get started personalizing your limo experience:


The traditional limousine pick-up involves the Chauffeur knocking on your door and assisting you with loading baggage into the vehicle. This option isn’t always the best. If your kids are sleeping, you may prefer a discreet text message or a phone call to be notified that your limo has arrived. A great limo company provides their customers with plenty of options to customize their pick-up scenario, whether they require door-to-door service or an alternative If you’re meeting a driver at the airport, you can identify an exceptional provider by the fact that they’ll do everything possible to avoid making you wait. Using chauffeured transportation as an option for executive travel removes the stress and unreliability of a cab or public transportation. From the moment you spot your Chauffeur in the terminal holding a sign with your name on it, the limo company is at your service.


Limo service means far more than an old-fashioned, black stretch sedan. Your needs can change between trips, and an executive-level company will offer a fleet with enough options to meet any need. If you’re hoping to make a professional, serious impression, a simple SUV or high-end, late-model sedan might be what you need. If you’re wanting to make a serious splash at your wedding or bachelor party, a Rolls Royce Wraith or an 18-passenger H2 might fit the bill. Finally, there’s no need to leave a single member of your entourage at home with a chartered limo bus that can seat between 28 and 50 passengers. A diverse fleet is an essential component of personalized service, whether you’re meeting a client for lunch or celebrating your teen’s graduation.


When it comes to your limo service, you’ve got options. You can reserve the car for a specific trip, a set itinerary or be spontaneous and enjoy a few hours of “service as directed.” Whether you’re using chauffeured transportation to arrive at the terminal on time to make your flight or treating your wife to a few hours of luxury in honor of your anniversary, there is no right or wrong way to use limo service.


Aside from the car, the single most important aspect of your limousine experience is the staff. Seek out a limo provider who prides themselves in highly-trained, professional drivers with the knowledge and customer service skills to meet your every need. Whether you’re in need of some bottled water, a little help loading your bags into the car or some recommendations on late-night dining options, Chauffeurs are committed to resolving any issues or questions. Their clean, freshly pressed black suits are one indicator of the commitment to providing a truly professional experience.

Even among limo companies, you can separate the great providers from the sub-par by measuring how committed they are to individual service. Don’t be afraid to make special requests or research options that best fit your needs. Limo service is personal transportation on your terms.

Executive Limo Service of Long Island, New York is an industry leader in providing personalized transportation solutions for your executive travel or event needs. With a diverse fleet of sedans, SUVs, limousines and motor coaches and a staff of highly-trained, professional Chauffeurs, we provide exceptional service 24/7, 365 days a year. Please contact us for additional information on solutions, service, and availability.

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