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For those of us who love to golf, finding a great course in a good location is a godsend. Not only do you get to recommend the course to your friends, but you’ve also found a great way to blow off steam and unwind on the weekends after a long workweek or demanding project. The stresses of our work lives can certainly get to us if we don’t find ways to cope; if you live near Long Island and prefer golfing as your particular way to unwind, there are tons of great courses throughout the area to provide you with the sanctuary, fun and time with your friends that you deserve.

One of our favorite courses in the Long Island vicinity is the Bethpage State Park Golf Course, home to five different world class courses, including the Black Course which played host to the 2002 U.S. Open Championship.

You might be wondering about the specifics of Bethpage, especially if you’re planning your first visit. To help you along, we’ve listed a few essentials, as well as transportation advice about how to make your way to Bethpage on your day off.


For many people, planning a day of relaxation and enjoyment can hit a snag when it comes to transportation. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the Long Island area, making your way to Farmingdale on your own can be a bit of a headache. Dealing with the uncertainty and stress of navigation and trying to find parking can compromise the relaxing and recreational atmosphere of your outing.

Booking a reliable Long Island car service company to handle your trip to Bethpage can be the first step towards achieving the kind of relaxation and enjoyment that you deserve. Your chauffeur will handle the specifics of driving and parking so you can enjoy time with your buddies or simply take in the scenery. When it’s time to go home, you can relax in the back seat instead of struggling with a map or GPS. It truly is the only way to travel on your day off.


Getting to know the golf courses at Bethpage is perhaps the most important part of planning the perfect day out.

The world-class park has five, regulation 18-hole golf courses: the Red Course, the Blue Course, the Green Course and the Yellow Course. There is also the world-famous Black Course. You can hold a special tournament there, or simply stop by on the appropriate day with a group of your friends.

Rates for weekdays at the Red Course are $65.00 per person, with catering, carts and Pro Shop fees costing extra. The Blue, Yellow and Green Courses are $55.00 per person, with the same additional fees.

Weekend rates increase by $10 per course, per person.


Of course, finding the perfect place to grab a bite to eat is another important aspect of your day out. While Bethpage does have some options for food in the park, including a restaurant and a snack bar, there are tons of other opportunities to enjoy great food in the surrounding community of Farmingdale.

The Library Café is among the most picturesque locations, as it is housed in the former Farmingdale Public Library. With a menu full of hearty and delicious favorites, like food truck tacos, the venue’s famous burgers, specialty entrees and a laundry list of cocktails, you and your group are sure to find something you’ll love.

The Caracara Mexican Grill is another impressive stop for after-golf refueling. With all of your Tex-Mex favorites, as well as margaritas, an import and domestic beer selection and comfortable atmosphere, the Caracara is a great place to spend your evening after a day of golf.

The Lotus Restaurant, similarly, is a fantastic destination near Bethpage that will offer sushi lovers the kind of quality and variety that they’ve come to expect from their sushi experience. With over 70 dishes, a knowledgeable staff and plenty of dishes to satisfy those who are sushi-shy, the Lotus is a great choice for after-golf hunger pains. Its location in the heart of Farmingdale’s Main Street makes it a convenient option, as well.

Planning your next golf outing in the Long Island area might just center around a trip to Bethpage State Park and one of its amazing golf courses. Before you make your reservations or assemble your golf outing group, consider booking car service to handle your trip there and finding a great restaurant for a meal afterwards. Long Island can become your weekend paradise, if you know how and where to start the relaxation process.

photo credit: Jason Poulton via photopin cc