The life of the executive can be stressful, over-scheduled and just plain crazy. Whether you’re contending with a huge presentation, important meetings with potential clients or the general exhaustion that comes with managing your workload, there’s always something around the corner to demand your energy and your time.

The ability to save time and streamline the workday is an invaluable asset to many executives, especially those who contend with difficult commutes and work in the city. Cut Stress during Executive Travel can help relieve many of the concerns executives have with commutes and getting from place to place throughout the work week, but many of them aren’t aware of the multiple uses that car service offers them. As 2014 kicks into gear, consider our short list of ways to use car service to make your work life easier this New Year.


If you’re an executive, you know the terrors of the early morning commute. If you’re trying to get into the city, you likely have to get up very early and then sit in traffic for an hour or more, only to feel exhausted by all the insanity by the time you actually reach the office.

With executive car service booked for at least a portion of your morning commutes, you can use the time it takes you to get to work to your own advantage. Whether it’s taking a much-needed nap, meditating, making phone calls, answering emails or simply listening to music, you will have the time of your commute to yourself and won’t feel exhausted by the time you reach the office.


Another way that executives can use car service this year is for their business lunches. Many executives opt for hailing a cab when it’s time to get across town for a lunch meeting. Unfortunately, trying to hail a cab during a busy time of day can prove difficult. What’s more, you won’t be guaranteed a cab driver who is experienced, knows the area and won’t run up your fare.

Executive car service offers a skilled, local expert chauffeur who will be at your disposal at a moment’s notice and will always know how to get you where you’re going. The convenience, ease and luxury offered by executive car service when you have a vital business lunch can’t be matched by other forms of transportation.


Sometimes, you just need to get out of the office for a few moments in the afternoon, to collect your thoughts, clear your head or simply take a breather. When you need to step away from the stresses for a moment, hopping behind the wheel of a car to battle traffic or standing on the curb trying to hail a cab simply aren’t the best places to start.

Executive car service for your mid-afternoon coffee run or break can help you truly unwind for a few moments while you’re out of the office. You won’t have to contend with traffic, navigation or parking, and your chauffeur will know exactly where you need to go.


When you have an important client in town, you should never skimp on the quality and luxury of your transportation. This means that renting a car and driving your client around yourself probably isn’t the ideal option for an important meeting where you need to make a sterling impression. When you have a night out planned for you and a potential client, executive car service is the first item you should check off of your preparation list.

When you pick your client up in a luxurious, pristine executive vehicle, complete with a professional chauffeur to handle every trip throughout the night, you send a message of distinction and good taste.


When it’s time to wind down from a difficult work week, the last thing you should be doing is taking on the stresses of driving. Your downtime should be truly relaxing, an opportunity to come down from the anxiety and stress of your job and simply enjoy yourself. Executive car service is an important first step to this equation. Whatever you do to unwind, be it a round of golf, a day at the spa or drive into the country, your chauffeur will be a vital part of making it as stress-free, streamlined and enjoyable as possible.

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