There are many things in your business life that you couldn’t do without. Perhaps it’s your smartphone, your laptop or your team of colleagues that keeps you going. Maybe it’s an in-office espresso machine, afternoon naps or flexible hours.

Whatever the irreplaceable thing in your work life may be, we’d bet that if you lost it, it would take some time to adjust to the change.

When it comes to your administrative assistant, you might not realize just how valuable and irreplaceable his or her services are, and just how difficult the adjustment would be if they left their position.

With Administrative Assistant’s Week approaching, it’s a great time to show your executive sidekick that you value their work and appreciate their efforts in keeping your company, and your professional life, on track.

Here are a few ideas for acknowledging, and thanking, your administrative assistant this year.


One of the most stressful parts of many peoples’ work lives is their commute. If your administrative assistant has a long commute, one of the greatest gifts you can give him or her is Cut Stress during Executive Travel. Whether it’s every morning for a week, once a week or once a month, providing your administrative assistant with an easier commute is a wonderful way to show them that you notice their efforts and want to make their job easier.

Chauffeured car service will allow your administrative assistant to skip the hectic navigation, the boredom of sitting in traffic and the panic of trying to find a parking spot. They can simply relax in the backseat and arrive at work rested and ready to go.


Many professionals find it nearly impossible to make time for things like cleaning their cars; however, having a messy car is often a source of strife for people who commute to work each day. A gift certificate for car detailing is a great way to relieve your administrative assistant of a stress and provide them with a welcome luxury: a clean, orderly car that will make their commutes less stressful.


Most people in the professional world understand and have experienced, the physical effects of stress. From shoulder and back pain to stress headaches, the hustle of our work lives often leaves us mentally and physically exhausted. Purchasing a gift certificate for an hour-long massage is a thoughtful and useful gift for your administrative assistant, as a massage can help reduce pain associated with stress and provide relaxation, escape and calm in an otherwise chaotic world.


Having a fun on the weekends or on a weekday after work probably sounds like a foreign concept to many administrative assistants, considering that so many of them take their work home with them on Friday and work late throughout the week. Purchasing a round of golf for your administrative assistant will encourage them to take some time for themselves, for leisure and enjoyment, rather than work-related issues. It will also show that you realize how much they sacrifice to do a good job, and that their happiness and well-being is important to you.


Another great way to unwind, especially when stress at work is high, is to enjoy a glass of one’s favorite wine and simply relax. If you know your administrative assistant enjoys a glass of Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon every now and then, a ticket to a wine tasting would be ideal. Wine tastings are a wonderful activity for the weekends, and when your administrative assistant has been staying late every day for a month, a free tasting might be just the thing to have a truly good Saturday for once.

Our work lives depend on several factors to run smoothly and efficiently. For some of us, the work of our administrative assistants is irreplaceable and often unrewarded. Take the time to recognize and reward your administrative assistants by purchasing a thoughtful, useful gift which will make their lives easier and make them feel truly appreciated.

photo credit: Simon & His Camera via photopin cc