When the majority of people hear the words “corporate traveler,” there are likely some visuals that come to mind.

A person in a suit walking fast through the airport, talking on a cellphone while eating a sandwich, or frantically trying to find an outlet to plug in their SmartPhone or laptop might be a couple of visions.

The fast-paced and often frenetic world of business travel is more than just cellphones and rushing through the airport.

There is often an undercurrent of unhealthy stress that corporate travelers deal with from day one of their trip until their plane lands back in their home city.

April is Stress Awareness Month, and in honor of helping over-stressed executive travelers, we’ve created a list of ways to de-stress during your next corporate trip.


The effort that must go into packing your own snacks might sound like too much, especially if you traditionally struggle with getting ready, out the door, and to the airport in time. But consider how uncomfortable it can be to go hungry on a flight or be stuck in an airport that has few healthy or convenient food options that don’t cost you a fortune.

Having a variety of snacks already on you is a great stress relief because it means you don’t have to settle for food you don’t like just because it’s convenient, and you won’t have to rush through the airport to find food, stand in a long line just to pay and then eat while you walk back to your terminal.

Having your own food handy guarantees that you have snacks that you like at your disposal at all times during your trip.


One thing that many corporate travelers find next to impossible is getting enough quality sleep during their trips.

Not sleeping well or enough can have a serious negative impact on your productivity, mood and overall performance, all of which can lead to unnecessary stress.

Get to know your own sleep habits and create an environment in your hotel room that can help bolster your particular brand of better sleep.

An eye mask, ear plugs, or a white noise machine are all things that can help create a better sleep environment for you when you most need it.


Another unnecessary stressor during corporate travel is the inability to detach oneself from work when it’s time to unwind.

Keeping your computer open, your phone by your side or your tablet turned on when you’re at your workload limit can create a pretty toxic environment for both relaxation and sleep habits during corporate traveler.

To avoid the burnout that comes from that kind of building stress, set aside a time every night when you turn off your electronics and just relax.

Don’t be concerned with the next email or text message alert. Taking time to re-center your energies and re-charge is vital to staying productive, happy and healthy during your corporate trip.


Another aspect of corporate travel that often provides executives with undue amounts of stress is the experience of navigating and parking a rental car in an unfamiliar city.

When you’re functioning under a strict schedule, one of the most stressful things that can happen is getting lost or not being able to find parking.

You want to manage your time to the minute, and renting a car can rarely deliver that kind of precision.

Booking Cut Stress during Executive Travel is a great way to remove the stress of driving and parking in an unfamiliar city, freeing up your commutes to be used in whichever way you see fit.


Familiarizing yourself with your destination city, doing research on your hotel, nearby restaurants, and nightlife and knowing the general layout of the area where you’ll be staying are great ways to relieve some of the stresses that come with corporate travel.

When you have an itinerary in place, you won’t have to spend precious minutes trying to plan your afternoon or evening.

You can simply go, enjoy yourself, and manage your time more closely, all of which contribute to combating stress and keeping you happy and healthy during your corporate trip.

Corporate travel doesn’t have to be a stress-fest. With the right advice on hand, you can accomplish your next business trip with minimal stress, and optimum productivity.

photo credit: Stephen Poff via photopin cc