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You have a friend who’s getting married, and as his best man, it’s your job to arrange the bachelor party. It’s a BIG responsibility to map out a bachelor party, but with the right planning, you can show everyone a great time.

When it comes to bachelor party planning, finding a bachelor party limo is a good place to start.

It will make your friend feel like the man of the hour, regardless of whether you have the vehicle transport the entire group or pick up the groom-to-be and bring him to the celebration.

For a truly unique bonding experience, here are some ideas that will let you take advantage of all that the area has to offer. 



Montauk is the only area in Long Island with beaches that allow fires, making it a good choice for a beach celebration. A nice evening of relaxing on the beach with friends could be a great way to give the bachelor a celebration with a classic Long Island twist.

For more information on the beach fire regulations in Montauk, see here.



Another great way to celebrate a bachelor party, Long-Island-style, would be to hold a clambake.

The Long Island Chowda Company can set up shop anywhere, from an event hall to the beach to your home. Menus can be customized, but the standard one includes a starter course of chowder, a main course of lobster, clams and mussels with sides, and dessert of Italian ice or watermelon wedges. This is a good choice for larger groups, since party size minimum is 15 people.



What could make a bachelor party more memorable than feeling weightless as the groom-to-be soars through the air with his buddies?

Skydive Long Island offers tandem skydiving, and if you book on a day when the weather’s nice, you might even be able to see the NYC skyline from 13,500 feet up. This also provides a wonderful opportunity for larger groups, as the plane can accommodate up to 19 passengers.

The whole skydiving experience usually lasts about half an hour, and afterwards, the group can have plenty of time to celebrate elsewhere — perhaps a bar or restaurant, where they can re-acquaint themselves with the ground.



Thanks to the Long Island Beer Bus, the groom-to-be and his friends can sample a variety of artisan and craft beers across Long Island quickly and easily.

The Long Island Beer Bus offers a variety of tours throughout the year – everything from its Fresh Hop Tours (which include a visit to Condzella Hops Farm) to its Beef and Burger Tour (which will take you to some of Long Island’s most famous breweries). With a trip on the Long Island Beer Bus, the bachelor and his entire group can reap the benefits of exceptional brews at numerous high-quality destinations throughout the area.



Ever try trap or skeet shooting? If not, a bachelor party might serve as a final chance for the groom-to-be and his friends to do so together.

At the Long Island Shooting Range of Brookhaven, the soon-to-be married man and his friends can take advantage of 12 skeet fields at their disposal. Plus, this shooting range boasts seven trap doubles fields, providing your entire group with plenty of space at its disposal.

A distinct bachelor party can not only be an experience honoring your friend, but it also can be a great way for everyone to bond over a fun adventure.  And with a limo to treat your friend like a VIP, he’ll likely congratulate himself on having such a great best man.