A wedding is so much more than one day in your life; it’s the time when you join two families, celebrate the start of a new life, and share in your joy with family and friends. Orchestrating a celebration that reflects yours and your spouse-to-be’s tastes, and also includes your loved ones, can be a challenge.

One of the bigger challenges to planning a wedding is making sure that your far-traveling guests have a way to get around once they arrive in town. If they’ve come a long way to enjoy your festivities, providing them with transportation is a thoughtful, utilitarian and incredibly beneficial treat.

Planning for enjoyable transportation for your wedding guests is easy if you have a great company in mind, one that offers a variety of vehicles to give you options.

With that in mind, here are some great options to consider.


This late-model vehicle possess its own brand of beauty and elegance and offers plenty of amenities to keep your wedding guests happy.

With room to seat 10 adults comfortably, the stretch Lincoln features:

  • Leather seating
  • A partition
  • A bar area
  • A great sound system.

This is an ideal vehicle if you have a smaller group of out-of-town guests, particularly those who will be attending your rehearsal dinner and other wedding-related festivities, before and after the big day.

If your group needs some cargo space, the Lincoln limo offers room for 7 full-sized pieces of luggage, as well.


An efficient, spacious van might be the perfect option for your wedding guests who need some extra help getting from place to place during your celebration.

With room for 12 guests and 12 pieces of luggage, a utility van offers a cost-efficient, comfortable way to travel from place to place in a group, with a professional chauffeur taking on the stresses of driving and parking.


For an extra touch of pizazz, consider booking an SUV limousine, which offers more in terms of amenities and space than a traditional limousine or utility van does.

With room for 14 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage, the SUV limo can accommodate a larger group while still allowing for some cargo, too.

As far as amenities go, your wedding guests can enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • A bar area
  • Tinted windows
  • Luxury leather seating


A party bus offers comfort, utility and space for your guests during your wedding, with room for 20 passengers and a small amount of luggage.

If you have a larger number of guests to transport and want them to enjoy consolidated luxury transportation, consider booking a party bus.


The ultimate option in terms of enjoyment for your guests, a limo bus has an enviable amount of room and amenities to keep your group happy.

The traditional mini bus can accommodate 33 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage.

It also offers:

  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • 2 bar areas
  • A Television
  • Ample seating

If you have a large group that you’d like to transport, such as a wedding party plus out-of-town guests, you can provide them with a truly luxurious experience as they share in your wedding happiness.

It’s important that the people you love can enjoy your wedding right along with you and your new spouse. Providing them with chauffeured transportation will remove one of the biggest stresses of traveling around a new city, with a strict schedule dictating their every move.

Show your appreciation by providing them with transportation; everyone will be happier!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Child