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2015 is here, and for many of you, the New Year is a new opportunity to bolster your success in business and catapult your company to the next level. Unfortunately, accomplishing this is no small task; inspiration, planning and execution are all critical aspects of accomplishing your goals.

As we get under way in 2015, it might be helpful to really assess where your business is in its journey and enact some great business tips that will help you move from one phase to the next. Here are three great New Year’s resolutions to enact in 2015.


As social media and online marketing become more and more important, finding a way to brand your business and resonate with your customers is a vital step to take in 2015.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets,” says John Williams, contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com.

Some simple ways to brand your business include getting a great website that reflects the tone and attitude of your target audience, catering your posts on social media to reflect your company’s vision, and catering your promotional materials, logo and all visual representations towards that same vision.

Branding can start small, with a few seeds planted on your social media website. Once you and your team know what your brand is, you can brainstorm ways to deliver that brand to your audience.


If you haven’t heard this saying, let us repeat it here: employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. And this rings especially true in the coming year, when collaborative environments and teamwork become more important in the business world.

Having a bad manager can put employees in a position where they simply can’t thrive; the stress of pleasing a persnickety and unpredictable manager is a constant distraction and isn’t worth any amount of money. And if you’re the kind of boss who has traditionally been difficult, demanding and unforgiving, you might see your employees heading for the door as quickly as they came through it. Remember:

  • 2015 is the time to improve your management skills and learn what it means to really lead your team; learn to communicate in ways that explicitly state what you want without condescending tone or threatening language. Have an open door policy; strive to make your employees feel that they can turn to you for advice or clarification when they have struggles.
  • Perhaps most importantly on this list of changes to implement: delegate tasks and show confidence and trust in your employees. If you’re constantly taking the reins on projects and refusing to let your employees have a say, you’re subtly dismissing their abilities and expressing a lack of trust. Over time, these subtle communications erode their professional efficacy and their confidence in themselves as an efficient member of your team.


The negative effects of prolonged stress on your physical and mental health are undeniable; if you’ve been living under the shadow of stress for too long, 2015 is the time to make serious changes to your habits and the ways you relax.

The easiest way to start reducing stress immediately is to create a daily routine to unwind after an eight, nine or ten-hour work day.

If your commute is a main stress in your day, find ways to improve. Whether it’s utilizing audio books, calming aromatics, or a favorite kind of music, driving long distances after work should be a time when you can start to wind down. Make your car as comfortable and stress-free as possible, and begin the de-stressing process long before you pull into your driveway.

Treating yourself to chauffeured car service just one day a week could reduce the stress of your commute, while also allowing you to begin the de-stressing process as soon as you step into the vehicle, with no distractions.

Joining a gym could give you access to yoga, a sauna or other stress-busting classes.

Perhaps meditation is your avenue to unwinding; guided meditation is another option to keep your relaxation sessions engaging and effective.

Other options like yoga nidra can offer aid in getting to sleep and maintaining deep, restful sleep for more productive days.

Relaxation is not only important to your work life; it can help you maintain a higher quality of life and improve your personal health.

What business resolutions do you hope to enact in 2015?


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